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Welcome to The Tower Info, I’m glad you want to know more about skyscrapers and this site!
The Tower Info is a site that offerers information and facts about skyscrapers, sightseeing towers and cities. The word Tower in the site title means Tower Block, which generally refers to skyscrapers, some other types of buildings may also be included in this site, and Tower refers to communication & observation towers as well.
As to skyscrapers and observation towers, any structure with a height of above 150 meters can be regarded as a skyscraper, but that kind of heights are no longer attractive and making people astonished today, therefore the content of this site is focused mainly on supertalls, which is skyscrapers that rise at least 300 meters.
I’ve always enjoyed collecting the information related to skyscrapers and anything about urban development and share my knowledge on skyscrapers. Although you can find some information of skyscrapers from other sites, but from my own experience, a large proportion of information on those sites is not correct or not up to dates, this is one of the reasons why I start on this site, here at The Tower Info we’ll always update our Info.
Although I rank the towers by standard height, roof heights are always attached after standard heights for the reference, as the latter kind of method of measurement is more vital to determine the impression a tower brings and the heights which are achieved by spires are less impressive, how could Zi Feng Tower taller than Sears Tower?
We talk about cities in which these towers located, nowadays the amount of cities with supertalls situated in has been vastly increased, and more and more cities are getting more than one supertalls. Supertalls is not the exclusive stuff of NYC or Dubai any more. Even a village in China called Huaxi has got a supertall rises at 328 meters.

However, New York City and Dubai still play prominent roles in it along with Shenzhen, which has numerous supertalls planned. These 3 cities all has more than 40 supertalls respectively with proposals included.
This site is a helpful resource for you if you’re trying to find some information about skyscrapers. As of now there are just several skyscraper related pages and posts published on this site, but more contents are being added every week.
This site is for all skyscraper fans and everyone who wants to read it!
Thanks so much for visiting The Tower Info, please stay a while and take a look around!

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