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The Tower Info is a site mainly focused on skyscrapers in the cities, first you should know what a skyscraper is.

The following page introduces the definition of skyscraper, check it below:

What a skyscraper is, definitions of some tall structures

definition of skyscraper

The following page contains a collection of some renowned skyscrapers around the world with detailed information on each of them: List of skyscrapers and supertall towers

As skyscrapers around the world are getting taller and taller, a new term "supertall" began to be used to describe skyscrapers beyond 300m, want to know which cities have supertalls? check below to find the cities with supertalls, the cities currently have no one built but have supertall projects ongoing will also be included.

Cities around the world that have supertalls

Tokyo still doesn't have a single supertall built, the current tallest building in the city is 257m.

Among all the countries in the world China plays the most prominent role in terms of construction of supertall skyscrapers, the amount of proposed supertall buildings in this country is even more than that of the rest of the world.

Chinese Cities With Most Supertalls

Chinese supertall cities list

While in terms of country China plays the dominant role on the amount of supertalls, in terms of city the dominant cities are three cities listed below:

New York Supertalls Overview

New york skyline

Dubai Supertalls Overview

dubai skyline

Shenzhen Supertalls Overview

shenzhen skyline

Want to know the names and facts about the tallest buildings in the world? Find the answer at following page:
Tallest Skyscrapers in the World

tallest skyscrapers list

Aside from tall buildings the telecom towers are another sort of tall structure, they are not habitable but also impressive.

  Tallest Sightseeing Towers in the World

tallest sightseeing towers list

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