List: Tallest Buildings in Dubai in 2018

Skyscrapers in Downtown Dubai
Skyscrapers in Downtown Dubai

Dubai is one of the best known cities of skyscrapers, not just for the city is home to current world's tallest building, also for its large amount of highrise buildings. Dubai has more supertall towers (buildings higher than 300 meters) than any other city in the world.

The following is a list of tallest buildings in Dubai, with some basic information about each building, the buildings are ranked by architectural height. Buildings not completed but have topped out are also included. Skyscrapers in Dubai are mainly clustered in three districts: Downtown, Dubai Marina and Business Bay, "location" listed under each building refers to the districts of the building.

NOTE: Because of the development of Dubai, things are subject to change, the content below will get updated time to time, updates occur on an irregular basis, usually in response to the completion or topping out of one or more new buildings.
The last updating was done by September 7th,2018, please note the content below is all based on that time.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Standard height: 828 meters

Total height: 829.8 meters

Built year: 2010

Location: Downtown

Architect: Adrian Smith (SOM)

Developer: Emaar Properties

Burj Khalifa has been the tallest free standing structure since 2008 when it surpassed the 553 m CN Tower, it is expected that this title will not be replaced by other buildings until 2019, when a tower reached a height taller than it. That tower could be The Tower which was announced by Emaar, or it could be Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia as well.

2. Maria 101

Marina 101 Tower
Marina 101 while under construction

Standard height: 427 meters

Topped out year: 2016

Location: Dubai Marina

Architect: National Engineering Bureau

Developer: Emaar Properties

Marina 101 is a mixed-use tower in Dubai Marina, its first 33 floors will be occupied by a Hard Rock Hotel, featuring 281 suits, and above 33rd floor are all residence units with the exception of the top floor being served as restaurants.

The tower was proposed in 2005, the construction began one year later, and was originally scheduled to be completed in 2012, however due to the global financial crisis the progress of construction has drastically slowed down, leaving the tower still under construction as of April 2017, it is estimated the tower will be completed in a few months. Despite the completion is greatly delayed, The building will still surpass 432 Park Ave to become the tallest residential building of the world, as the progress of its rival World One in Mumbai is also slow.

3. Princess Tower

Dubai Princess Tower
the Princess Tower in the front row with an iconic crown.

Standard height: 414 meters

Roof height: 392 meters

Built year: 2012

Location: Dubai Marina

Architect: Eng. Adnan Saffarini

Developer: Tameer Holding Investment

Princess tower was once the tallest residential building, the title was overtaken by 432 Park Ave in 2016, and its height had been surpassed by Marina Dubai which just near it. However, with the location in which no other buildings can block it from the sea, and the unique design, Princess Tower is still one of the most recognized iconic building of Dubai Marina.

4. 23 Marina

Marina 23
Marina 23

Standard height: 393 meters

Roof height: 370 meters

Built year: 2012

Location: Dubai Marina

Developer: Emaar Properties

This is a residential building just like other buildings located in Dubai Marina that feature large amount of residential floors, but it's also an all-residential building. It used to be the tallest all-residential building of the world before the completion of Princess Tower.

5. Elite Residence

Standard height: 381 meters  Roof height: 350 meters

Built year: 2012

Location: Dubai Marina

Architect: Eng. Adnan Saffarini

Developer: Tameer Holding Investment

Elite Residence mainly occupied by residences as its name suggests, the tower also has floors for other amenities, including swimming pools, retail facilities, a gym.

Dubai Elite residence
Elite residence

6. The Address The BLVD

Dubai The Address The BLVD
The Address The BLVD as seen from observatory on Burj Khalifa

Standard height: 370 meters

Roof height: 308 meters

Topped out year: 2016

Location: Downtown

Architect: Atkins

Developer: Emaar Properties

This building is basically a 308m building with two matching spires atop its crown, making its architectural height boosted to 370 meters. The building situated just next to Burj Khalifa, it contains a hotel and 530 apartments.

7. Almas Tower

Dubai Almas Tower
Almas Tower

Standard height: 360 meters

Roof height: 308 meters

Built year: 2009

Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers Complex, near Dubai Marina

Architect: Atkins

Developer: The Dubai Multi Commodities Center

Almas Tower was topped out in 2008 and temporarily held the title of the tallest building in Dubai before the completion of Burj Khalifa, it's the centerpiece and the tallest tower of the Jumeirah Lake Towers Complex, a development comprising multiple office buildings. The complex is located in close proximity to Dubai Marina, only 1.2 miles away.

The name of the tower Almas means diamond in Arabic, as its name suggests, the podium of the tower is the most striking feature of the tower, resembling to a diamond, it's designed to house the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

8. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai 1 & 2

Standard height: 355 meters ×2   Roof height: 310 meters ×2

Built year: 2012   Location: Business Bay

Architect: Archgroup Consultants   Developer: Emirates Airline

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai 1 & 2
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai 1 & 2

Although the hotels in the towers are not as high as Ritz-Carlton on International Commerce Center and the Fairmont in Abraj Al Bait, these two buildings are regarded as the world's tallest pure hotel buildings, and also one of tallest twin towers complex.

10. Emirates Office Tower

Standard height: 354 meters

Dubai Emirates Office Tower
Emirates Twin Towers, the one at the right is Office Tower

Roof height: 311 meters

Built year: 1999

Location: Downtown

Architect: NORR Limited

Emirates Office Tower also named Emirates Tower One, it is one of two supertall towers of the Emirates Towers complex, and it's taller than the neibouring Emirates Hotel Tower.

Built in 1999, Emirates Office Tower is the first supertall skyscraper built in Downtown Dubai, and the second in whole city, after the Burj Al Arab, which built a few months earlier, and with the roof height of 311m it's first building in Dubai that surpasses the 300m supertall mark by roof.

11. Al Attar Tower

Dubai Al Attar Tower
Al Attar Tower

Standard height: 342 meters

Roof height: 334 meters

Topped out year: 2015

Location: Downtown

Architect: Eng. Adnan Saffarini

Developer: Al Attar Properties

This tower is one of most distinctive towers in Downtown for its gold color facades, like other buildings with Islamic style the tower is topped with a pyramidal crown. The construction for the tower began in 2005 and as of April 2017 it is still under construction, the tower has topped out in 2015, and will completed in late 2017.

12. The Torch

The Torch Dubai
The Torch

Standard height: 336 meters

Total height: 348 meters

Built year: 2011

Location: Dubai Marina

Architect: National Engineering Bureau

Developer: Select Group

The Torch is a residential tower close to Princess Tower and Marina 101, it takes its name from its iconic crown atop the roof, which looks like a torch.

By coincidence, an unclear fire broke out in this building named "The Torch" in 2015, and the cladding of upper 30 floors was charred, the renovation work proceeded in 2016, as of now the appearance of the building seems same as it used to be before the fire.

13. Rose Tower

Dubai Rose Tower
Rose Tower

Standard height: 333 meters

Built year: 2007

Location: Downtown

Architect: Khatib & Alami

Developer: BONYAN International Investment Group

This tower is the second tallest hotel building in the world, only after the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Twin Towers miles away in Business Bay.

14. Al Yaqoub Tower

Standard height: 342 meters  Roof height: 328 meters

Built year: 2013   Location: Downtown

Architect: Eng. Adnan Saffarini   Developer: Remamco Real Estate

The building's design was inspired by Big Ben, but no such clocks installed on it, if clocks were installed, then it could be the second tallest clock tower in the world, after the Abraj Al Bait in Mecca.

Dubai Al Yaqoub Tower
Al Yaqoub Tower

15. DAMAC Heights

Standard height & Roof height: 335 meters

Built year: 2018   Location: Dubai Marina

Architect: Aedas   Developer: DAMAC Gulf Properties

16. The Address Fountain Views III Supertall

Standard height & Roof height: 331 meters

Estimated built year: 2019   Location: Downtown

Architect: Atkins   Developer: Emaar Properties

Towers of The Address Fountain Views III
Towers of The Address Fountain Views III

The project consists of 3 buildings, the middle one is a supertall.

17. The Index

The Index Dubai
The Index

Standard height: 326 meters

Roof height: 326 meters

Built year: 2010

Location: Downtown

Architect: Foster+Partners

Developer: Union Properties

This tower is the one of the most distinct buildings that can be seen from the observation deck in Burj Khalifa for the building's chunky shape and the foremost location among the buildings along the Sheikh Zayed Road and also it faces almost directly toward the Burj Khalifa.

Despite of its chunky shape, the building is not only occupied by office floors, the building is a mixed-use building that contains offices and residences. The floors below 30th floor are mainly office spaces and above those are all for residential use.

18. Burj Al Arab

Standard height & Total height: 321 meters

Height without spire: 272 meters   Roof height: 204 meters

Built year: 1999   Location: Jumeirah Beach, near Dubai Marina

Architect: Atkins   Developer: Jumeirah Group International

The tower is the first supertall skyscraper built in Dubai, and the only skyscraper situated on artificial island in Dubai. Before all the other skyscrapers built, it had been the landmark and global icon of Dubai. The hotel in the building is widely known as 7-star hotel, in fact it has never been recognized though.

Dubai Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab with the downtown far away as background
Dubai Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab

19. HHHR Tower

Dubai HHHR Tower
HHHR Tower

Standard height: 317 meters

Roof height: 294 meters

Built year: 2011

Location: Downtown

Developer: Dubai International Real Estate

20. Ocean Heights

Dubai Ocean Heights
Ocean Heights

Standard height: 310 meters

Roof height: 310 meters

Built year: 2010

Location: Dubai Marina

Architect: Aedas

Developer: DAMAC Gulf Properties

The tower is visually very similar to the initial design of the Damac Heights, which situated hundreds meters away, both towers are developed by DAMAC Gulf Properties.

21. Emirates Hotel Tower

Standard height: 309 meters   Roof height: 260 meters

Built year: 2000   Location: Downtown

Architect: NORR Limited

Together with Emirates Office Tower which is mentioned above to form into twin towers.

22. Al Habtoor City Towers 1 & 2

Al Habtoor City supertall twin towers
Al Habtoor City Towers

Standard height: 307 meters × 2

Top out year: 2018

Estimated built year: 2018

Location: Business Bay

Architect: Atkins

Developer: Al Habtoor Group

Al Habtoor City Towers consists of two supertall residential buildings, which are called Amna Tower and Noora Tower.

24. Cayan Tower

Standard height: 306 meters

Built year: 2013   Location: Dubai Marina

Architect: SOM   Developer: Cayan Group

Cayan Tower was formerly known as Infinity Tower, the tower looks very similar to Turning Torso in Sweden but rises much taller, it was the tallest twisting tower in the world before the completion of Shanghai Tower.

Dubai Cayan Tower
Cayan Tower
Sweden Turning Torso
Turning Torso

25. The Address Downtown Hotel

The Address Downtown Hotel Dubai
The Address Downtown Hotel

Standard height: 302 meters

Built year: 2008

Location: Downtown

Architect: Atkins

Developer: Emaar Properties

Tallest Buildings in Development in Dubai:

Dubai already has the world's largest amount of supertall skyscrapers for a single city, the number of these buildings is still fast growing, and may never stop.

Check out the list of tallest buildings in development in Dubai at here.

Introduction to supertall towers in Dubai:

Since 2009 Dubai has been having the most completed supertall skyscrapers of any city, much more than any other city in the world.
In terms of proposals, the amount of proposed supertalls in Dubai is still ranked first. With the coming of 2020 World EXPO which will be held in Dubai, there will be more skyscrapers built, containing many hotels, in response to the demands of future tourists, and showing a brand new image of the city to the visitors.
As of April 2016, 22 supertall skyscrapers have been completed or about to top out in Dubai, more than any other city on the planet, same goes for proposed supertalls, the amount of which even surpass 20.
Unlike New York City in which the skyscrapers are mainly situated in Manhattan area, Dubai's skyscrapers are more sporadic, most of them are situated in two boroughs, Downtown(which also known as Sheikh Zayed Road)and Dubai Marina, the two boroughs are about 17.5 km apart, the rest of skyscrapers are located at the boroughs like Business Bay, Dubai Creek or some places near these districts.

Dubai downtown
Downtown area
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

The tallest building in the city remain the Burj Khalifa, which is also the tallest of the world in the same time.
On February 6th 2016, a plan to construct a new tallest building was announced, according to the developer, the construction of new tallest building will start at the end of June and completed before 2020 EXPO, the name and the height of the building was not stated, and will not be unveiled until it is opened. This tower will be a centerpiece project of 2020 World EXPO.

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