List of Cities With Supertalls

In the past, skyscrapers particularly supertalls can be rarely seen in most cities, and can only be found in American cities and some Asian cities. But now skyscrapers are being built all around the world, no matter the population or economy.

These skyscrapers add the unique sights to the cities and thus largely improved cityscapes, quite a few skyscrapers have become the travel destinations with their observation decks and sometimes the displays of fireworks or light shows will take place on skyscrapers. In a sense, skyscrapers represent the power of the city, almost every famous city has it’s own supertalls, such as NYC, London, Hong Kong, Paris.
In a word, they are an indispensable part of city.

In general, any building that with a height of above 150 meters can be regard as a skyscraper, that range of heights are no longer attractive or making people astonished today, with the exception of the buildings that with special designs, with which can attract people’s eyes as well, such as Sagrada Familia, but if merely rely on height, then 300 meters is a reasonable mark.
So the cities listed in this page are merely related to supertalls. The amounts of skyscrapers with the heights below 300 meters mark does nothing with these cities.

What does a 300-meter skyscraper look like? A well recognized and representative reference is US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, the tower is 310 meters tall, we can see it in numerous movies and TV series and some video games like Grand Theft Auto.
More supertalls can definitely make a magnificent addition to the impression of cityscape of these cities.

Check out the names of the cities with blue font listed below to see the details of the cities that with at least one supertall skyscraper either built or being developed:

New York City



Other Global Cities

Other Chinese Cities

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