Chrysler Building Facts and Information

The Chrysler Building is a supertall skyscraper in New York City, it's the first supertall (buildings higher than 1000 ft) built in the world, the building is considered by many New Yorkers as the most beautiful skyscraper in the city.

Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building

In 1976, Chrysler Building was declared a National Historic Landmark, and a New York City Landmark in 1978.
Below are some facts and information on the Chrysler Building.


The Chrysler Building is named after the Chrysler Corporation(Now called Fiat Chrysler), which is one of the largest auto makers in the world, it was the founder of Chrysler Corporation proposed this building and funded the construction of the building. And the building served as the headquarters of Chrysler Corporation for more than twenty years.


The address of the Chrysler Building is 405 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, New York City.
The building is located at the intersection of East 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue in Midtown New York.

The most iconic building near Chrysler Building is the MetLife Building.
The Chrysler Building is only 100 meters away from the Grand Central Terminal, which is located in front of the MetLife Building.


The Chrysler Building stands 319 meters (1047 ft) tall and has 77 floors, when the building was built in 1930, it surpassed the Eiffel Tower in Paris becoming the tallest man-made structure in the world, and overtook the title of the world's tallest building from the Trump Building in Lower Manhattan, it had been holding that title from 1930 to 1931, for 11 months, until it was surpassed by the nearby Empire State Building.

Looking up at Chrysler Building
Looking up at Chrysler Building
Aerial view of the Chrysler Building
Aerial view of the Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building and Empire State Building
Chrysler Building and Empire State Building

The building contains a 122 ft spire, its roof height is 925 ft(282 meters), which is measured to the bottom of the spire from the ground. The highest floor in Chrysler Building is 77th floor at 858 ft high, and the highest occupied floor is at 828 ft.
As of 2018, the Chrysler Building is the 6th tallest building in New York City among the completed buildings.
Although nowadays Chrysler Building is not as tall as lots of skyscrapers around world, the building is still the tallest building in the world that built with bricks.


As its name suggests, Chrysler Building was initially owned by Chrysler family, who moved out and sold the building in 1953, however, the building still bears their name. Currently the building is owned by Abu Dhabi Investment Council and Tishman Speyer.


Chrysler Building is a pure-office building. It had once been the headquarters of the Chrysler Corporation since its opening in 1930 until in 1953, when Chrysler Corporation sold the building and moved out. Now the building is occupied by a variety of tenants.

When the Chrysler Building first opened, it used to have a public observation deck on the 71st floor at a height of 783 ft, but was closed and transferred to office space in 1945. The closing of the observation deck was because people preferred to visit the observation deck on Empire State Building, as it's higher and open-air, while in the enclosed observatory on Chrysler Building, visitors must see the views through small triangular windows.

Apart from the observation deck, there was a private lunch club called Cloud Club at 66th to 68th floors. Walter Chrysler had a private dining room on the 2nd floor of the club. The Cloud Club closed in late 1970s. Now the space of the Cloud Club has been leased as office space by its owner Tishman Speyer.


Chrysler Building was designed by New York architect William Van Alen, the building is a leading example of Art Deco architecture, buildings designed with this type of architectural style generally features an overall shape in simple rectangular forms, but are also heavily decorated with many ornamental elements. Art Deco buildings are mostly built with traditional materials like bricks, concrete, marble, etc. Other notable examples of Art Deco buildings in New York include Empire State Building, 70 Pine Street, American Radiator Building, 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
The facade of Chrysler building is mostly clad with white brick, and mixed with a small proportion of dark gray brickwork in window rows, it's used as horizontal decoration to enhance the building's window rows. The building has a total of 3,862 windows.

Chrysler Building was specifically designed for Chrysler Corporation, there are many elements of the building meant to be a subtle nod to the car manufacturer. For instance, the building's spire was inspired by a car radiator grill, and one of the most famous features on Chrysler Building is the eagle gargoyle sculptures found on eight corners below the building's crown, these eagle gargoyles were inspired by the hood ornament on Chrysler cars.

The hood ornament on a Chrysler car

The most recognized feature of Chrysler building is its terraced crown. Each of four faces of the crown is composed of seven radiating terraced arches, each arch is mounted up behind another arch at lower position, and each arch has a certain number of triangular form windows radiating from the below terrace.

The unique and iconic appearance of Chrysler Building has influenced designs of many other skyscrapers around world. Some notable examples are One Liberty Place in Philadelphia, Business Central Towers in Dubai, "New York New York" Tower and Sheraton IBC twin towers in Chongqing.

One Liberty Place in Philadelphia
One Liberty Place in Philadelphia


In late 1920s, there was an intense competition in New York City to build the world’s tallest building.
Walter Chrysler, the owner of Chrysler Corporation planned to build a tallest building in Midtown New York, he wished to make the building the headquarters of his company, the construction fee was not paid by Chrysler Corporation but by Walter Chrysler himself, because he wanted to let his children inherit the building after he died.
Construction of the Chrysler Building commenced on September 18, 1928.
The building was rising very fast, with an average of 4 floors built per week, and no one was killed during the construction, by contrast, 5 workers were killed during the construction of Empire State Building.
There were a total of 391831 rivets, 29,961 tons of steel, and approximately 3,826,000 bricks were used in the construction, the construction cost $20 million, approximately $287 million in 2018, this figure is stilled considered on lower side compared to other buildings in today's New York City, the construction of One World Trade Center cost $3.9 billion in 2014, this is partially because the construction labor in America was come from immigrants by that time.
The building was complete on May 27, 1930 after its spire was raised to the top in 90 minutes, giving the building an additional height of 122 ft, hence surpassed 40 Wall Street becoming the tallest building in the world.

Chrysler Building upon topping out
Chrysler Building upon topping out

Popular Culture:

Being an icon of New York City, the Chrysler Building has been featured in numerous films, TV series and video games. Below are some of them.

In 2016 American superhero film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: The film begins with four turtles standing on the crown of Chrysler Building.
In 2012 American science fiction film Men in Black 3: Agent J went up to an upper floor of Chrysler Building, he is told to jump of the Chrysler Building so he can travel back in time to save Agent K and he did it.

In 2012 American superhero film The Avengers: Chrysler Building can be seen near Tony Stark's Stark Tower. It appears multiple times in the scenes taken inside the penthouse and on the helipad of the Stark Tower.

In 1998 American science fiction film Armageddon, Chrysler Building is destroyed by a meteor, the entire crown is truncated and fell to the ground.

In 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV: A slightly modified Chrysler Building is shown in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto IV, the building can be found at southwest of Rotterdam Tower(based on Empire State Building in real world), corresponding to the location in real world.

Chrysler Building in Grand Theft Auto IV
Chrysler Building in Grand Theft Auto IV
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