Tallest Buildings in Bangkok over 300 meters

Bangkok is the capital and the largest city in Thailand by population. As of 2017 the city has 19 buildings stand more than 200 meters, ranking 4th in Southasia, far less than Jakarta, which has more than 50 buildings beyond 200m in height, and a little less than Kuala Lumpur, Manila, but much more than Singapore, and numerous other cities around the world.

As to the supertalls which refer to the skyscrapers taller than 300 meters. Bangkok has 2 supertalls built as of 2017, along with 3 other buildings under construction, and more than 5 proposed. The tallest building planned to be built in the city is Rama IX Super Tower, which will rise to an impressive height of 615 meters, the tower is currently under construction, if built it will become one of top 10 tallest buildings in the world by that time. If all this proposed buildings built, Bangkok will surpass countless of cities in terms of the amount of supertalls, including many renowned skyscraper cities such as Shanghai.

Completed Buildings:


Standard Height & Roof Height: 314 meters

Floor count: 75

Function: Residential, Hotel

Built year: 2016

Architect: Ole Scheeren

Developer: PACE Development Corporation

MahaNakhon is the tallest building in Thailand since the beginning of 2015 when it surpassed the Baiyoke Tower, which is the former tallest building in the city. MahaNakhon is one of the most recognizable buildings in Bangkok with its distinctive spiral pixelated facade. The pixelated ribbon swirling around the exterior of the tower makes each floor has protrudent balconies, providing extensive views of the city.

Baiyoke Tower II

Standard Height & Total Height: 328 meters

Roof Height: 304 meters

Observation deck: 290 meters

Floor count: 85

Function: Hotel

Built year: 1997

Architect: Plan Architects

Developer: Land Development Corporation

Baiyoke Tower II is Thailand’s first supertall building and Bangkok’s tallest building for 19 years until the completion of MahaNakhon in 2016. It is also the tallest hotel and tallest reinforced concrete building in the world.

Buildings under construction:

The Grand Rama 9 Tower

Standard Height & Roof Height: 615 meters

Floor count: 125

Function: Office, Residential (Serviced apartment), Hotel

Estimated top out year: 2020

Architect: Architects 49

Developer: Grand Canal Land

Previously known as Rama IX Super Tower, it's the tallest building planned in Bangkok.

Iconsiam Tower 1

Standard Height: 315 meters

Roof Height:

Floor count: 70

Function: Residential

Estimated top out year: 2017

Architect: unknown

Developer: Magnolia Quality Corporation; Siam Piwat

Four Seasons Hotel & Capella Residences

Standard Height & Roof Height: 305 meters

Floor count: 73

Function: Residential, Hotels

Estimated top out year: 2017

Proposed Buildings:

The proposed buildings listed below maybe incomplete, some proposals with no enough details released are not included.

Circle 36

Standard Height: 447 meters  Roof Height: unknown, no render released

Floor count: 110  Function: Residential

Proposed in: 2014  Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: unknown  Developer: Fragrant Group

The project still has no progress after more than 2 years since it was proposed, and no render ever released, hence it is considered a stale proposal, will likely ends up being cancelled.

One Bangkok

Standard Height: 380 meters

Floor count: 90

Function: Mixed-use

Estimated top out year: 2024

Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Developer: Frasers Property

Proposed in April 2017, this tower is the latest proposal for supertall skyscraper in Bangkok, preparation work is currently ongoing at the plot of the project.

MCOT Tower

Height: 369 meters Floor Count: 65  Use: office  Developer: MCOT PLC

Central Lumpini Park

Height: Above 300 meters  Floor Count: 99

Ashton Silom

Standard Height: Above 300m

Floor count: 78

Developer: Ananda Development

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