Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Singapore

Singapore has 72 buildings in city that rise beyond 150m, and 32 of them are beyond 200m, more than any other cities in Southeast Asia, by comparison, Bangkok has 16 buildings over 200m, Manila has 18, Kuala Lumpur has 21, Jakarta has 30. Globally even Chicago and Tokyo is behind it, the two cities respectively has 29 and 26 skyscrapers beyond 200 meters.

Singapore skyline
Singapore skyline

1. Tanjong Pagar Center

Height: 290 meters

Floor count: 68

Year built: 2016

Uses: Residential, Office

Also known as Guoco Tower, Tanjong Pagar Center was built in 2016, since then it became the tallest building in Singapore, a title that had been held by three other buildings for about 30 years. Tanjong Pagar Center is first building in Singapore that surpasses the height limit of 280m imposed within the city.



2. Republic Plaza

Height: 280 meters

Floor count: 66

Year built: 1995

Uses: Office

The building is divided into three portions at different heights, each portion atop the below portion is tapered and gradually turned 45 degrees from the ground floor, making the curtain wall on one side of upper floors facing to the sea to provide best views for the tenants.




3. United Overseas Bank Plaza One

Height: 280 meters

Floor count: 67

Year built: 1992

Uses: Office

UOB Plaza One is a skyscraper of the UOB complex, which is designed by Kenzo Tange. The building is 280 meters tall, this is the maximum height allowed in Raffles Place. The design is taken and slightly modified from UOB Two, which is the other tower of the complex that built in 1974, some modification was inspired from the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles.
There's a mosque at the basement of the tower.

4. One Raffles Place Tower 1

Height: 280 meters

Floor count: 63

Year built: 1986

Uses: Office

Built in 1986, One Raffles Place Tower 1 held the title of tallest building in singapore for longest time.
Now the building together with UOB Plaza One and Republic Plaza tied for second tallest building in Singapore.
Same as UOB Plaza One, the building was also designed by Kenzo Tange, it is composed of two symmetrical triangular structure of different heights with a small gap between them.



5. Capital Tower

Height: 254 meters   Floor count: 52   Year built: 2000   Uses: Office

Capital Tower is located in the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar Center in Tanjong Pagar.

6. Skysuites @ Anson Enggor Street
Height: 250 meters   Floor count: 72   Year built: 2014   Uses: Residential
7. Altez @ Anson Enggor Street
Height: 250 meters   Floor count: 62   Year built: 2014   Uses: Residential
Altez and Skysuites are two residential buildings located beside each other on Anson Enggor Street. They share the same height and similar appearance, however, they are not developed by same developer.

Altez (on the right) and Skysuites ( on the left)

8. The Sail @ Marina Bay
Height: 245 meters   Floor count: 70   Year built: 2008   Uses: Residential

9. One Raffles Quay North Tower
Height: 245 meters   Floor count: 50   Year built: 2006   Uses: Office

10. Marina Bay Financial Centre Office Tower Two
Height: 245 meters   Floor count: 50   Year built: 2010   Uses: Office

Marina Bay Financial Centre Office Tower Two
Marina Bay Financial Center Office Tower Two (on the middle of the picture)


What makes Singapore behind other cities is that the city still doesn't have a supertall skyscraper built or even proposed, while every major cities in Southeast Asian countries other than Singapore has supertalls built or at least under construction. This is because of the height restriction imposed in some districts of the city. It prohibits any building within the districts to be built higher than the limit of 280 meters. The districts affected by this restriction mostly are central area of the city which happens suitable for high rise buildings, the skyscrapers cluster in Raffles Place and the Marina Bay Sands are all situated within the affected area. The height restriction is imposed because of that these districts are located under the flight path of the Paya Lebar airbase which lies only about 10 km away.

The airbase will be relocated after 2030, after the relocation is done, the height restriction will be removed. By then supertalls will definitely be built, as building higher is the only way to make more space for such a city with only a handful of usable land, additionally, currently there are already many skyscrapers built at the maximum height allowed, the proposed Golden Shoe Car Park Tower is also designed to be 280 meters, the Raffles Place is becoming a plateau of 280-meter high, this indicates the potential of having much higher skyscrapers built in future is very high.

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