Global cities with supertall skyscrapers

Tokyo skyline
Tokyo still has no a single supertall built, the tallest building in the city is 257m, but this will be changed as some supertall projects are ongoing.

The cities listed on this page each has at least one supertall skyscraper built or proposed, guyed masts and chimneys are both not included.

Note: Some cities have a great quantity of tall buildings, but with no one stands taller than 300 meters, these sort cities are not included in this list. A good example is Frankfurt, which is sometimes regard as Manhattan of Europe with lots of skyscrapers, such city can be rarely found in Europe, but no supertall or serious proposals for supertall ever been proposed in Frankfurt, hence this kind of cities can not be found below. And on the other side, some cities, which has only a few skyscapers, but only one or more of them stand at a height taller than 300 meters, are showing among with those significant cities.

The cities underlined are those have only supertalls under construction or proposed, none of which have been topped out.

And the cities with a “*” sign are those have only sightseeing towers with heights exceeding 300 meters and not habitable.

Click cities’ names with blue font to know more about the details.

NOTE: Because of the development of all the cities in the world, things are subject to change, almost every city has the chance to build supertalls nowadays or in the future, the content below will get updated time to time, updates occur on an irregular basis, usually in response to the changes to the status of buildings, and when the other cities once get a supertall.
The last updating was done by May 1st 2016, please note the content below is all based on that time.

North America:

New York City Miami Chicago Los Angeles Las Vegas* Atlanta
San Francisco Seattle Toronto* Philadelphia Houston

South America:

Panama City    Bogota    Buenos Aires   Mexico City    Monterey    Santiago   Balneario    Cari

Middle Asia, South Asia, Western Asia:

Dubai Mumbai Mecca Abu Dhabi Istanbul
Kuwait Riyadh Jeddah Islamabad New Delhi
Doha Tel Aviv Noida Hyderabad Colombo
Baku Ankara Izmir Astana


Moscow   London   Paris*   Saint Petersburg    Riga*  Grozny   Berlin*   Kiev*


Casablanca   Nairobi   Addis Ababa


Melbourne   Sydney*  Gold Coast   Auckland*

Southeastern Asia:

Kuala Lumpur   Johor Bahru    Bangkok    Hanoi    Manila    Quezon    Melaka     Jarkata    Huchimin City    Phnom Penh

Greater China Region:

Mainland China: Mainland China has a significant amount of this kind of cities ,much more than other regions of the world, see details in Chinese Cities.

outside of Mainland:  Hong Kong   Macau*   Taipei   Taichung   Kaohxiung

Japan and Korea:

TokyoOsaka  Seoul  Busan  Incheon  Pyongyang

Non city area:

Huaxi village   Sahara    Vals village   Batam Islands

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