The Tallest TV Broadcasting Towers in the World

TV broadcast & sightseeing towers are a kind of man made structure that generally feature a significant height, beside the general function of broadcasting nearly all TV broadcast towers have some top floors opened to public as viewing platforms and restaurants. Some of them are just like common skyscrapers that have impressive appearance, and always be regarded as the landmark of the cities where they are located in.

However, they are not habitable, no office or residential space in these towers, a much larger proportion of a TV tower are for mechanical use, only a comparatively much smaller space are used as restaurants or observatory. That is why these towers are separated from the ranking the tallest skyscrapers and put into this page. Besides, the sightseeing towers are literally all containing extremely long spires and antennas, making the appearance not as imposing as buildings reaching the same height by roof height.
The structures listed in this page are all freestanding TV Towers with the functions of tourism as well as signal transmission and have aesthetic value, which means exclusive of chimneys and guyed masts.

1. Tokyo Sky Tree

Total height: 634 meters  Roof height: 494 meters

Observation deck: 450 meters & 350 meters

Built year: 2012  Location: Tokyo

Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Sky Tree

2. Canton Tower

Total height: 597 meters  Roof height: 454 meters

Observation deck: 488 meters   Built year: 2011

Location: Guangzhou

Canton Tower

3. CN Tower

Total height: 553.3 meters  Roof height: 457 meters

Observation deck: 446 meters & 346 meters

Built year: 1976  Location: Toronto

CN Tower

4. Ostankino Tower

Total height: 540 meters  Roof height: 385 meters

Obervation deck: 337 meters  Built year: 1967

Location: Moscow

Ostankino Tower

5. Oriental Pearl Tower

Total height: 468 meters  Roof height: 360 meters

Observation deck: 351 meters & 263 meters

Built year: 1993  Location: Shanghai

Oriental Pearl Tower is the icon of modern Shanghai, its observation deck is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Oriental Pearl Tower,Shanghai
Oriental Pearl Tower

6. Milad Tower

Total height: 435 meters  Roof height: 314 meters

Observation deck: 312  meters   Built year: 2007

Location: Tehran

Milad Tower

7. Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower

Total height: 421 meters  Roof height: 315 meters

Built year: 1996  Location: Kuala Lumpur

Menara Tower






8. Tianjin Radio & Television Tower

Total height: 415 meters  Roof height: 302 meters

Built year: 1991  Location: Tianjin

Tianjin TV Tower

9. Central Radio & TV Tower

Total height: 405 meters  Roof height: 262 meters

Observation deck: 238 meters & 225 meters

Built year:1992   Location: Beijing

10. Henan Province TV Tower

Total height: 388 meters  Roof height: 285 meters

Built year: 2010  Location: Zhengzhou

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