Supertall Skyscrapers in Toronto

Toronto skyline
Toronto skyline

Aside from New York City and Chicago, Toronto is another significant city with plenty of skyscrapers in North America, it is where famous CN Tower located, the 553 meters tower held the title of world’s tallest free standing structure for many decades, it is still the tallest free standing structure in North America, 12 meters taller than the One World Trade Center in New York City.
Toronto has long been a busy construction site which has more skyscrapers under construction than any cities outside Asia, such a city with so many skyscraper projects ongoing can be rarely found in North America, in where the most cities just see a few skyscrapers under construction or just doing nothing after had some new skyscrapers planned, New York City is an exception, the city is the only one that doing better than Toronto in North America.
Currently Toronto has 16 skyscrapers rise at least 200 meters completed or topped out, with 6 under construction or ready to be topped out.
And 30 skyscrapers beyond 200 meters have been proposed, among them 7 are supertalls, all of them were proposed in recent years.


Completed: As of 2017 Toronto has 2 supertall towers completed, including a telecom tower.

1. CN Tower

Standard height: 553.3 meters

Built year: 1976

CN Tower is the landmark of Toronto, it had been the tallest free standing structure of the world for more than 3 decades before Burj Khalifa surpassed it.

CN Tower in the night

2. First Canadian Place

Total height: 355 meters

Toronto First Canadian Place
First Canadian Place

Standard height: 298 meters

Built year: 1976

Use: office

Architect: Edward Durell Stone

Developer: Olympia & York

While CN Tower is the tallest structure in Toronto, First Canadian Place had been the tallest building in Toronto. The name of the building is a bit like One Canadian Square in London, which maybe confused with it.


Note: This post is dedicated to skyscrapers above 300 meters (1000 feet) tall that known as supertall, so skyscrapers lower than 300-meter mark will not be featured here, for buildings under 300 meters, see tallest skyscrapers built in Toronto.



Proposals (7)

1. 385 Yonge Street

Standard height: 344 meters, 1128ft

Architects: KPF   Developers: Cresford Developments, KingSett Capital

Proposed in February 2017, it's the latest proposal for supertall in Toronto.

Toronto 385 Yonge Street render
A render of 385 Yonge Street




2 & 3. Oxford Place Twin Towers

Standard height: 326 meters, 1070 feet

Uses: residential, office

Architect: Foster + Partners

Developer: Oxford Properties Group

These two supertall towers was proposed in 2012, the plot of this project is very close to CN Tower,will undoubtedly complement the sparse skyline there once topped out.

Oxford Place
Render of Oxford Place Twin Towers

4, 5 & 6. One Yonge Tower 1, 2 & 3

Toronto One Yonge
One Yonge(3 towers)

Standard height: Tower 1, 320 meters, 1050 feet

Tower 2, Above 300 meters, 984 feet

Tower 3, Above 300 meters

Use: residential

Architect: Hariri Pontarini Architects

Developer: Pinnacle International

Proposed in 2013, the building complex contains 3 towers, all of which are exceeding 300m supertall mark.







7. LCBO site

Standard height: 304 meters, 998 feet

Uses: residential, office

This is a new proposal for Toronto that proposed in late 2016.

8. The One (One Bloor West)

Standard height: 304 meters,998 feet

Estimated built year: 2019

Uses: residential

Architects: Core Architects & Foster + Partners

developer: Mizrahi Developments

Proposed in 2015, this residential building's progress is fastest among these proposals, the project has entered into the preparation phase, the original building on the site is being teared down.





9. Mirvish+Gehry West Tower

Height: 304 meters, 998 feet

Toronto Mirvish+Gehry
Model of Mirvish+Gehry complex

Estimated built year: unknown

Uses: residential, office

Architect: Gehry Partners

Developer: Projectcore

Proposed in 2012, the project contains three towers and one of them is a supertall, the designer of the whole complex is Gehry Partners, which best known for their work of Beekman Tower(8 Spruce Street) in Lower Manhattan, it can be seen in the render that the style of this project in Toronto is very similar to it.





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