Queens’s first supertall skyscraper planned

A notable feature of skyscrapers in North America is that almost all of them are concentrated in a small proportion of the urban land, the much greater proportion of the city land are left to occupied by common buildings or bungalows. This feature can be found in most American cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, etc.
New York may be treated as an exception since the skyscrapers are all around the Manhattan Island. But we must recognize that Manhattan is just a smallest borough of the city, no supertalls exist in other boroughs for many decades and only one borough of them has one 200m tall building.
This status got a breakthrough change last year, when a supertall was proposed in Brooklyn by JDS properties, which is currently constructing the 111 West 57th Street, a residential tower near the Central Park that will be the most skinny skyscraper in the world.
In April, there was the further progress in this respect, the Long Island City in Queens is said to be planning a new supertall, making Queens the next borough that may get its own supertall.
The building is called Courte Square City View Tower and is a residential building. The developer behinds this building is a Chinese American developer who comes from Flushing named Jiashu Xu, he acquired the plot of the project in July last year.
The site of project located just north to One Courte Square, which is the tallest building outside of Manhattan in New York.

Long Island City skyscrapers
the supertall tower planned in Queens

At the start, this building was not planned to be a supertall when it was first unveiled in February, but only 6 meters from 300m mark.
The height was increased to 300 meters in the end of April, and with mechanical facilities the height added up to a total of 305 meters, making it a firm supertall that exceeding both 300-meter and 1000-foot.
The floor count remains the same as before being 79 stories. The total floor area is more than 70 thousand square meters and featuring 774 apartments.
According to the website of the developer, the construction will start next year and with a estimated completion year of 2019. As of now they are waiting for approval by FAA.
Now New York has a total of 4 proposals for supertalls outside of Manhattan. Let us look forward to more supertalls coming up in near future, that will make fantastic addition to the skyline of NYC.

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