The Most Futuristic Buildings in the World that will Blow You Away

If someone says we have already been living in the future, there must will be others doubting that, yes, today we have highly developed information technology, but we still have yet seen thousands of flying cars fly around the city like what is seen in some science fiction films like Star wars or Fifth Element, we still unable to create living spaces or communities on the Mars.

However, lots of other things have come true, one of them is those futuristic buildings depicted in the science fiction films. Below are some of them, let's take a look.

Central Embassy

Location: Bangkok

This building resembles a silver colored blaze. Despite of its solemn name, Central Embassy is actually a building mainly used for hotels, with the podium being occupied by a large shopping mall.

Strata Tower

Location: London

Strata Tower is a 148m tall residential building in London. Besides its catchy cladding, the most distinctive feature is that 3 wind turbines at the uppermost portion of the tower. Strata Tower is one of the only two skyscrapers in the world that incorporate wind turbines as part of its structure (The other one being Shanghai Tower). Although the wind turbines only generate no more than 1/10 of the energy needs of the daily use in the building, the tower is still a sign that indicates we are about to be living in the future world that depicted in science fictions.

Reflections at Keppel Bay

Location: Singapore

Designed by Daniel Libeskind, who participated the original design of One World Trade Center.

Unlike traditional buildings that rise upwards straightly, these towers are vertically curved, topped with sloping roofs, which are filled with green plants, and all three pairs towers are connected by three sky bridges, an element that featured in some science fiction films and arts.

The Interlace

Location: Singapore

This building complex looks like many normal brick-shape buildings staggered and stacked together, kind of resembles the jenga blocks.

Galaxy SOHO

Location: Beijing

Designed by Zaha Hadid, this building complex composed of four flowing volumes that are smoothly fused by curving bridges, generating a fluid evironment. The lower floors are leased out as retail spaces, including some cafes, stores, aside from these the majority of the floors are served as office spaces, with the uppermost floors left to be served as restaurants and bars.

Absolute World

Location: Mississauga, near Toronto

You might think this is must another project designed by Zaha Hadid, but they are designed by MAD studio, a Beijing-based architectural firm, the architect who operates the firm had ever worked for Zaha Hadid, that's why the style is similar to hers. The towers are irregularly twisted, this shape makes them look dancing and kind of sexy, hence the buildings are nicknamed the "Marilyn Monroe Towers".


Location: Bangkok

MahaNakhon is the tallest building in Thailand, there's a distinctive pixellated spiral ribbon swirling around the facade, making the tower seems like something out of a cyberpunk world.

Gate Tower

Location: Osaka

This small tower seems not very significant, but the tower has a highway pass through the building, this kind of spectacular scene was once can only be found in some science fiction artworks or films, but they did it.

The tower was not designed to be like this, in the beginning there's no such a highway pass through it, the owner of the building didn't know there was already a highway planned to be passing through the plot of the tower before they build it, then they refused to demolish the building, after the negotiation with the operator of the highway they reached the agreement to make the highway go through the building, the fifth to seventh floors were leased to the operator of the highway to make way for it, they built a special structure to protect the building from noise and vibration.

The Gate Tower is still the only building in the world that has a highway pass through, though there's a building in China has a train road go through.

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