Tallest Skyscrapers in Gold Coast over 300 Meters

As the economy recovers from the depression, there were never so much skyscrapers being proposed in lots of cities around the world, the supertall skyscrapers once can only be found only one or two in most cities including New York City, which had only one supertall skyscraper built if judged by roof height. Now some cities have started seen more and more supertall being added to their skyline. Gold Coast also joined these cities to build many supertall skyscrapers.

As the buildings to be built in a coastal city that known for its sunshine and beach, the main function of these supertalls is for residential use, some buildings contain some sorts of podiums at the building's base portion which can be used for commercial purposes, but the towers themselves are used as residences.


Q1 Tower

Gold Coast Q1 Tower
Q1 Tower

Height: 323 meters

Roof Height: 245 meters

Floor Count: 78 floors

Uses: residential

Completed Year: 2005

Developer: Sunland

Architects: Sunland

Q1 Tower is seen as the iconic building of Gold Coast.

As of 2017, Q1 Tower is still the tallest building in Gold Coast, or in Queensland, also even in whole Australia and Southern Hemisphere if measured to the spire. Q1 is the abbreviation of Queensland Number One, before 2011, it had been the tallest all-residential tower in the world.

Under Construction:


Gold Coast Spirit tower render
Rendering of Spirit Tower

Proposed in: 2015

Height: 298 meters

Height Above Sea Level: 306 meters

Floor Count: 89 floors

Uses: residential

Developer: Forise Investments

Architects: DBI Design

Also known as Iluka, its architectural height is 2 meters left to achieve 300-meter supertall mark, but its street level is 8 meters above sea, for a building close to the sea it makes sense to count that 8 meters, in addition it doesn't have any spires on the roof, for these it's a true supertall.

The construction has started and is ongoing as of 2017.


Imperial City

Proposed in: 2015

Height: 335 meters   Floor Count: 104 floors

Uses: residential   Architects: Kris Kowalski Architects

Developer: Urbis Pty Ltd

Imperial City render
Imperial City render

Orion Towers South Tower

Orion Towers South Tower render
Orion Towers South Tower render

Proposed in: 2016

Height: 328 meters

Floor Count: 103

Uses: residential,hotel

Developer: CRA Group

Architects: Woods Bagot

14-18 Mary Avenue

Proposed in: 2017

Height: 320 meters   Floor Count: 100

Uses: residential    Architects: Kris Kowalski Architect

14-18 Mary Avenue
14-18 Mary Avenue

84-88 The Esplanade

84-88 The Esplanade render
84-88 The Esplanade render

Proposed in: 2017

Height: 300 meters

Floor Count: 90 floors

Uses: residential

Developer: Meriton

Architects: SJB Architects

This Tower will be built on the site where the 22-story International Beach Resort sits after it is demolished in March 2017, the construction for the building is expected to start as soon as in June 2017 as the developer is waiting for approval for the project.




Cienna Development

Cienna Development
Cienna Development

Proposed in: 2015

Height: Above 300 meters

Floor Count: 88 floors

Uses: Residential, Retail

Developer: Cienna Group

Set to be built in Chinatown, the tower is connected with a shorter tower by a podium, Which will include retail and commercial spaces, and towers themselves are for residential use like other towers in Gold Coast.

It is said recently that the height has been downsized to 280 meters. As the construction has not started therefore the height has not been settled, this building will not be removed from this page soon.



Conclusion: Gold Coast is not one of the biggest cities in Australia but it's the lead city in construction in Australia. While Sydney is known for its limitation on the height of the skyscrapers, Gold Coast is much more free in this respect.

As early as 30 years ago, in 1980s, there used to be a 445 meters tall tower proposed for Gold Coast, the tower was called Zarro’s Arrow and didn't get approved as the policy was much more tight by that time.

Now according to the council’s City Plan updated in 2015, supertall skyscrapers will be allowed to get built in some districts in Gold Coast like Broadbeach, Southport, Surfers Paradise and Chevron Island, while other districts include Budds Beach, Tedder Ave and parkland in Broadbeach will continue to be preserved.

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