Tallest skyscrapers in Moscow

The skyscrapers with heights of more than two hundred meters can be rarely seen in European cities, not to speak of supertalls, even London has only one supertall built that slightly exceeding 1000 feet to its tip. However there's an exception, that is Moscow, the city now has many supertalls built or topped out including the tallest building in Europe.

Moscow International Business Centers
Moscow International Business Center skyline

Speaking of skyscrapers in Moscow, we have to mention a district called International Business Center, or abbreviated as IBC, also known as Moscow city or Moskva-City and Московский Международный Деловой Центр in Russian, it is a modern district conceived in 1992, one year after Collapse of the Soviet Union and with the intention of making it something modern that function or looks like Manhattan. After years with no funds or any other related items the construction of first highrise finally starts in 1996, it situated at the opposite side of the Moscow River from the main development. First 200-meter-add building started construct in 2003, and construction of first supertall tower started in the same year. All of the completed supertall skyscrapers in the area are built after 2010.
Now the area is home to all of the supertall buildings in Moscow, and the overwhelming majority of 200-meter-add skyscrapers are concentrated at here, a bit similar to Los Angeles where buildings taller than 200 m can not be found outside of Downtown, but much larger than Los Angeles in scale as there are 5 supertalls topped out with the tallest one being 374 m, plus none of them contain any sort of spire structures, all of them are concentrated in this area, which covers an area of 60 hectares and is now one of the densest and largest skyscraper cluster in the world, the reason behind this is that the plot where IBC located is the only place in central city that suitable for such kind of huge development as the original buildings and facilities situated on the plot were all of the abandoned factories, so that the historic buildings are rest from the demolition thus no need to worry about the distortion of the city's face.
Although the area is called International Business Center, it is designed not only for business activity but is intended to combine business, residential space and entertainment into one single place, there are many buildings and even supertall skyscrapers in the area are purely used for residences, up to 30,0000 people are expected to live and work here in the near future according to their plan.

Completed or topped out:

Ostankino Tower

Russian name: Останкинская телебашня

Standard height:540 meters

Roof height: 360 meters

Observation: 337 meters

Built year: 1967

Architect: Nikolai Vasilyevich Nikitin

Ostankino Tower is first man made structure that surpass Empire State Building to become the new tallest free standing structure in the world, and now is still the tallest structure of Europe.

Moscow Ostankino Tower
Ostankino Tower

1. Federation Towers - Vostok Tower

Russian name: Башни Федерация - Восток

Moscow Federation Towers
Federation Towers - Vostok Tower

Standard height: 374 meters

Roof height: 374 meters

Built year: 2016

Uses: residential, office

Developer: Mirax Group

Architect: nps+partner; Schweger Associated Architects

Vostok Tower is the main tower of Federation Towers, it's the tallest building in Europe, The building will accommodate offices, hotel suites and apartments. The building is constructed to be able to withstand the crash of a plane by utilizing a sort of high strength concrete. There was a 506 m spire structure exists in the design between two towers and got partially constructed but in 2015 it was dismantled and finally the complex end up with no such spire structure built.




2. OKO Residencial Tower

Moscow OKO Residencial Tower
OKO Residencial Tower

Standard height: 354 m

Roof height: 354 m

Built year: 2015

Uses: residential, hotel

Developer: Capital Group

Architect: Design Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP


3. Mercury Tower

Moscow Mercury Tower
Mercury Tower

Russian name: Меркурий Сити Тауэр

Standard height: 339m

Roof height: 339m

Built year: 2013

Uses: residential, office

Developer: Liedel Investments Limited; Mercury Development

Architect: Frank Williams & Associates; M.M.Posokhin

Both its shape and color make it appears very unique among cluster of Moscow-city's skyscrapers.


4. Eurasia Tower

Moscow Eurasia Tower
Eurasia Tower

Russia name: Стальная Вершина

Standard height: 309m

Roof height: 309m

Built year: 2015

uses: office, residential, hotel, recreational

Developer: MOS City Group

Architect: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects

Also known as Steel Peak or Stalnaya Vershina and Eurasia during its design phase. The tower is comprised of 50 floors of offices and 20 floors of luxury apartments.




5. City of Capitals Moscow Tower

City of Capitals Moscow Tower
City of Capitals Moscow Tower

Russian name: Город Столиц Москвы Тауэр

Standard height: 302 meters

Total height: 310 meters

Built year: 2010

Use: residential

Developer: Capital Group

Architect: NBBJ

Moscow tower is the taller one of the Capital City twin towers, which are two residential buildings with a little section of office spaces. The Capital City towers are very similar in appearance to stacked boxes, buildings with similar design can also be found in other cities, such as BIG's version of 2 WTC in New York City.


Ongoing projects:

Neskuchny Home & SPA (2 supertall towers)

Neskuchny Home & SPA render
Neskuchny Home & SPA render

Standard height: 400 meters & 380 meters

Uses: residential, entertainment

Estimated top out year: 2021

Uses: unknown

Neskuchny Home & SPA is a new proposal for a high-rise complex that proposed in 2017, the complex contains three skyscrapers, two of them are supertall towers, there are some unique bridges designed to connect each building and can also be used for entertainment purposes. Unlike other supertall towers in Moscow, these towers are not situated in International Business Center, but 6 kilometers away. As to the building's functions, it apparently has residences, but still uncertain about other uses as no detail is released.


Moscow NEVA
Rendering of NEVA

Standard height: 338 meters

Estimated top out year: 2018

Uses: residential

Developer: Renaissance Development

Architect: Design SPEECH,HOK

NEVA is a supertall skyscraper currently under construction in Moscow International Business Center. The building also known as its another name Renaissance Towers 2.




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