Tallest Skyscrapers in Hong Kong over 300 Meters

Hong Kong has the world's densest skyline, containing 1300 buildings rising taller than 100 meters, much more than any other city on the planet and may never be surpassed by other cities in a fairly long time. The skyline of the city is considered one of the best of the world, with great natural scenery of mountains and harbor surrounding it, partially for this reason, Hong Kong's night view is seen as one of the three most famous night views along with that of Naples and Hakodate.
As for skyscrapers that over 200 meters tall, the city also plays a dominant role with about seventy 200-meter-add skyscrapers built, the amount currently ranks first among all the cities around the world and is far ahead of any other city with the exception of New York City, in where the amount of skyscrapers above 200m is very close to Hong Kong. Hong Kong can continue to maintain this dominant status for next several years until one day some burgeoning cities of skyscraper such as Dubai, Shanghai to catch up with it.
In terms of supertalls, Hong Kong again plays a prominent role, with 6 skyscrapers over 300 meters completed, this is 2 more than that of New York City as of 2016. However, no proposals for supertalls ever came up in the city for many years. It seems that the city has entered a saturated phase with no demands for more supertalls. Furthermore, a considerable amount of citizens hold a belief of Feng Shui, in their eyes, the iconic IFC Towers 1 & 2 are just two incenses. And natural environment is seen as something extremely vital to people's fortune. There was a building taller than 500m proposed many years ago, soon after that the height was scaled down to a height below 500m, not for flight issues like other cities confront, just for the dignity of 552 m tall Victoria Peak, the highest peak in the city.
The majority of those skyscrapers are concentrated in North Shore of Hong Kong Island, while the rest of them located in other regions like Kowloon, New territories.

Hong Kong Island
Kowloon District

The tallest building in the city is International Commerce Center, the tower stands 484 meters tall, it ranks 11st in the world in 2016 and situated in Kowloon. For Hong Kong Island, the tallest building on the island is 416m Two International Financial Center, it is 24th tallest building in the world.

The buildings listed below are the completed supertall skyscrapers in Hong Kong,

1. International Commerce Center

Standard height: 484 meters    Built year: 2010   Location: Kowloon

The tower houses world's highest hotel, The Ritz Carlton. However its observatory is not on the top floor but underneath the hotel at only 393 meters high.

2. Two International Financial Center

Standard height: 416 meters   Built year: 2003   Location: Hong Kong Island

The tower was once the tallest building in the city, until its height surpassed by International Commerce Center in 2009, however, it is still the tallest building in Hong Kong Island and has been featured in many films like Transformers: Age of Extinction and Batman:Dark Knight.

3. Central Plaza

Standard height: 374 meters  Roof height: 309 meters   Built year: 1992   Location: Hong Kong Island

The building had been the tallest building in Hong Kong for 11 years, longer than any other skyscrapers in the city. A church on the top floor is opened to public, named Sky City Church, it's the highest church in the world, at a height of nearly 300 meters, almost twice as tall as the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

4. Bank of China Tower

Standard height: 367 meters   Roof height: 305 meters   Built year: 1990   Location: Hong Kong Island

Designed by starchitect IM Pei, Bank of China Tower has long been the most recognizable building in Hong Kong, it is the first supertall skyscraper built outside of the United States. The tower has been shown in many movies, in 2014 film transformer:Age of Extinction, there is a close shot on building’s top part. The building also features a small observatory on 43rd floor.

5. The Center

Standard height: 346 meters   Roof height: 292 meters   Built year: 2003   Location: Hong Kong Island

6. Nina Tower

Standard height: 320 meters   Roof height: 304 meters  Built year: 2007   Location: New Territories

This supertall skyscraper is located in a district called New Territories, the tower is furthest away from the central city among all these supertall towers.






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