Tallest Skyscrapers in Shanghai over 300 meters

Shanghai is one of the first cities in China that witnessed the skyscraper construction boom, the city had had the 420m Jin Mao Tower and 468m Oriental Pearl Tower built way back in 1990s, while the majority of the Chinese cities having the 100-meter-buildings as their tallest buildings.

In 2008, Shanghai World Financial Center got built, by then it was regarded as the tallest flat top building of the world and in 2015, the Shanghai Tower was completed in the city, which is the tallest in the country and the second tallest in the world.

It seems the the construction boom has temporarily come to an end as there's no serious supertall skyscrapers projects proposed in a long time.
As the skyscraper construction boom are taking places in other Chinese cities like a raging fire recent years, the number of supertall skyscrapers in these cities growing vigorously, Shanghai is no longer the city with most skyscrapers in China as it was in the past, many cities have already got more supertall skyscrapers built than Shanghai and still not slowing down on the pace.
Even so, Shanghai still possesses the tallest building of Eastern Asia, and the city features the world’s most majestic supertall complex that comprised of 3 supertall skyscrapers all exceeding 400 meters, in this respect no other cities is comparable to it currently.

Additionally, Shanghai is one of the minor cities that has four skyscraper based observation decks, this can be rarely found in other cities in the world.

Shanghai skyline
Shanghai skyline

There are 6 supertall skyscrapers in Shanghai as of 2016, tallest one is Shanghai Tower, which is second tallest building of the world. And the amount of 200-add-meter buildings reaches about 50.






For proposed supertalls, though no new serious proposals came out for many years, several stale proposals have never been explicitly declared off, and in 2015 a new proposal called Zhenru Center was proposed. As of 2017, there are 3 supertall skyscrapers being developed.


1. Shanghai Tower 

Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower at night

Standard height: 632 meters 

Total height: 632 meters

Parapet-removed height: 583 meters

Observation deck: 552 meters(will open to public several months later.)

Built year: 2015

Shanghai Tower is the nation’s tallest building and the second tallest building of the world, only after Burj Khalifa.



2. Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center
Aerial closeup of Shanghai World Financial Center

Standard height: 492 meters

Total height: 494 meters 

Observation deck: 474 meters

Built year: 2008

The former tallest building in Shanghai, and used to be the world's tallest building by roof during 2008 to 2009.

An indoor observation deck is opened to public at 100th floor, right above its large wind hole, there are also another two additional observation decks at 97th floor and 94th floor.






3. Oriental Pearl Tower

Standard height: 468 meters

Total height: 468 meters

Height without antenna: 360 meters

Observation deck: 351 meters (highest one)

Built year:1994

Oriental Pearl Tower is a broadcasting and sightseeing tower, it's not considered a building, but as a tall structure it ranks 3rd by height in this list. has multiple floors in two large spheres being occupied by observation decks.


4. Jin Mao Tower

Jin Mao Tower dusk view
Jin Mao Tower viewed from air

Standard height: 420 meters

Total height: 420.5 meters

Roof height: 370 meters

observation deck: 345 meters

Built year: 1999

Built in 1999, the building rises 420 meters tall. Jin Mao Tower held the title of tallest building of Mainland China longer than any other skyscrapers in China. Now the building is 3rd tallest building in Shanghai and 25th tallest building in the world.



5. Shanghai Shimao International Plaza

Standard height: 333 meters

Total height: 333 meters

Roof height: 250 meters

Built year: 2005

This building located beside the People Square, which is seen as the city's center place. It is still the tallest building outside of Pudong district in Shanghai by architectural height.





6.Sinar Mas Center

Standard height: 319 meters

Roof height: 319 meters

Built year: 2016

The tallest building by roof height outside of Pudong district in Shanghai, and also the latest supertall built in Shanghai.


Ongoing Projects:

After many years of lacking of new supertall proposals or has no real progress on those proposals, sites preparation and constructions are actually happening now. Below are the supertalls in Shanghai that is now being developed.

1. Xujiahui Center

Standard height: 370 meters

Estimated top out year: unknown, the building is still in preparation.

Xujiahui Center is not a new proposal, it was proposed in 2007, almost a decade ago, however no progress ever occur on it before 2016, now it has got into site preparation stage. Xujiahui is the name of a place in Shanghai, it's one of city's business centers.

A render of Xujiahui Center

2. Zhenru Center

Standard height: 330 meters 

Roof height: 330 meters

Estimated top out year: 2018

Architects: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

This building was proposed in 2016 and the construction has started at the beginning of 2017.

Render of Zhenru Center

Huangpu Dongjiadu Tower

A rendering of Huangpu Dongjiadu Tower

Standard height: 300 meters 

Roof height: 300 meters

Estimated top out year: 2020

The tower was announced in late 2016, currently it is in site preparation phase.




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