Tallest Buildings in Kuala Lumpur in 2018

Here is the list of the tallest buildings built, under construction or proposed in Kuala Lumpur. The buildings listed are at least 300 meters tall.

Completed or topped out buildings:

As of October 2018 there are 5 supertall towers built in Kuala Lumpur, the buildings that are under construction but topped out are also included.

1 & 2. Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers at night

Standard height: 452 meters

Roof height: 415 meters

Uses: Office

Built year:1998

Architect: Cesar Pelli

Developer: KLCC Property Holdings

Petronas Towers had been the world's tallest buildings since 1998 until in 2004 when Taipei 101 was completed.

The twin towers is comprised of Tower One and Tower Two, the Tower One serves as the headquarters of Petronas and the tower 2 is an office tower that available for lease.

There are two observation decks on the towers, the one is inside the sky bridge which connects two towers at a height of 170 meters, the other one is at the 86th floor of Tower Two.

3. The Exchange 106

Standard height: 446 meters

Uses: Office   Top out year: 2018

Architect: Mulia Group's own architects   Developer: Mulia Group

The tower was formerly known as TRX Signature Tower, its height had been increased to 446 meters from originally planned 439 meters.

The Exchange 106
The Exchange 106

4. Four Seasons Place

Standard height: 343 meters   Floor count: 65

Uses: Residential, Hotel   Year built: 2018

Architect: NRY Architects   Developer: Venus Assets

Four Seasons Place
Four Seasons Place

5. Menara Telekom

Menara Telekom Tower
Menara Telekom

Standard height: 310 meters

Roof height: 310 meters

Built year: 2001

Architect: Hijjas Kasturi Associates

Developer: Telekom Malaysia

Under Construction:

1. Merdeka PNB118

KL 118 Tower
Rendering of KL 118 Tower

Standard height: 644 meters

Roof height: 500 meters

Uses: Office, Hotel

Estimated top out year: 2020

Architect: Fender Katsalidis Architects & RSP Architects

Developer: PNB Merdeka Ventures SDN Berhad

The tower was formerly known as KL 118 Tower, literally means a 118-storey tower in Kuala Lumpur, it is the first megatall project in Kuala Lumpur, and set to become the new landmark of the city.






2. Fairmont Kuala Lumpur 1

Fairmont Kuala Lumpur 1
Rendering of Fairmont Kuala Lumpur

Standard height: 380 meters

Roof height: 380 meters

Uses: Residential, Hotel

Estimated top out year: 2019

Architect: unknown

Developer: KLCC Holdings and QD Asia Pacific





3. Oxley Towers

Kuala Lumpur Oxley Towers
Rendering of Oxley Towers

Standard height: 380 meters

Uses: Residential, Hotel

Estimated top out year: 2020

Architect: VERITAS Architects

Developer: Oxley Malaysia







4. M101 Skywheel

M 101 Skywheel
M 101 Skywheel

Standard height: 317 meters

Uses: Observation, Hotel, Residential

Estimated top out year: 2021

Architect: Studio F. A. Porsche & VERITAS Design Group

Developer: M101 Entity

This project is comprised of two towers with a bridging structure connecting each other, and a Ferris wheel for observation use will be built on the roof of the bridge.

5. Kempinski Hotel & Residences

Standard height: 308 meters   Floor count: 72

Uses: Residential, Hotel   Estimated top out year: 2019

Architect: RSP Architects   Developer: KSK Land

Also known as 8 Conlay Tower C.

A render of 8 Conlay complex
A render of 8 Conlay complex

Proposed buildings:

Recent years more and more supertall towers are proposed in Kuala Lumpur, almost all of them were proposed after 2010. Some of them were not supertall when first proposed, the height were increased in the later.

1. Tradewinds Square

Tradewinds Square Tower
Render of Tradewinds Square

Proposed in: 2011

Standard height: 775 meters

Uses: Office

Estimated top out year: 2021

Architect: DP Architects

Developer: Tradewinds Corporation

The tower was originally planned to be 608 meters when first proposed in 2011, and increased to 775 meters in 2016. If built, the tower will become the world's tallest building by roof height, even the Jeddah Tower's roof is not that high, its cantilevered observation deck is at only 640 meters off the ground.



2. EkoPark Place

Kuala Lumpur EkoPark Place
Rendering of EkoPark Place

Proposed in: 2015

Standard height: Above 400 meters

Uses: Office, Hotel, Residential

Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: unknown

Developer: Ekovest



3. Landmark Tower

Landmark Tower
Rendering of Landmark Tower

Proposed in: 2011

Standard height: Above 400 meters

Uses: unknown

Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: SOM

Developer: Naza TTDI





4. Bukit Bintang City Center

Proposed in: 2010

Standard height: Above 400 meters

Uses: Office, Hotel, Residential

Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: unknown   Developer: Eco World Development

Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang City Center
Bukit Bintang City Center

5. Plaza Rakyat

Proposed in: 2006

Standard height: Above 400 meters   Roof height: Above 370 meters

Uses: Office   Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill   Developer: Maxcorp Development

An stale proposal, the building was once under construction, now the project has suspended for many years.

Plaza Rakyat Towers
Render of Plaza Rakyat

Introduction to skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur:

Like Middle East and China, Southeast Asia is an emerging skyscraper-gathered region, many cities are being converted into skyscraper cities in Southeast Asia, such as Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Johor Bahru. Among them Kuala Lumpur is a distinct one that started developing the skyscrapers sooner than the rest of them, as it had been well known for its notable Petronas Towers, which have been standing there for nearly 20 years. As of today Kuala Lumpur still plays the most prominent role in this respect among all these Southeast Asian cities, as the amount of supertalls in the city is highest and its potential in future is also higher with about 10 supertall skyscrapers being built or proposed, these with completed ones counted bring the total amount to 14, this figure also makes Kuala Lumpur ranked 4th in terms of number of supertalls among all the world's cities out of Mainland China (it is true that many Chinese cities have lots of proposals, however when it comes to substantial progress it's hard to judge whether they are serious projects or not), only after New York, Dubai and Mumbai.

The development of supertall skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur is progressing much more rapid than other cities in southeast Asia. Compared to Singapore, where the buildings' height is strictly restricted to under 290 meters due to the flight issue, an issue also affects Chinese cities and American cities, no height restriction is set for buildings in Kuala Lumpur. And in Jakarta, which is another southeast Asian city having lots of supertall projects ongoing, no one has truly topped out yet. As early as in the end of last century, there already were two supertall towers (Petronas Twin Towers) built in the city and became the world's tallest buildings, a title had long been held by Sears Tower for more than 20 years, now Petronas Towers are still the tallest twin towers in the world.

From 2010, just like many other cities around the world Kuala Lumpur entered into a phase of construction boom, in which the amount of supertalls greatly increased, many proposals for supertall projects started to emerge continuously one after the other. Kuala Lumpur is also one of a few cities in the world that is currently constructing megatall skyscrapers, which are the skyscrapers over 600m or 2000 feet in height. In 2010, the city's first megatall skyscraper KL 118 was proposed and now is under construction with an estimated completion date set in 2020.

In 2011 the second megatall skyscraper Tradewinds Square Tower was proposed, since then Kuala Lumpur became the city that has two megatall projects ongoing, which is extremely rare in the world, only Dubai is in the same category with it.

More than that, Tradewinds Square Tower's height got a bump later in July 2016, increased to 775 meters, and contains no spire, in fact if judged by height of roof, this is way more than Burj Khalifa and even the Jeddah Tower.

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