15 Tallest Buildings in the United States 2019

The United States is the birthplace of skyscrapers, in last century, the majority of world's skyscrapers were located within the United States. After recent years' global skyscraper construction boom, the number of skyscrapers in the country has been exceeded by some Asian countries like United Arab Emirates or China, but the US is still one of a few countries in this world that possesses the most skyscrapers. As of early 2019, the US has more than 210 skyscrapers built or topped out to be over 200m(656 ft, 200m is a typical minimum height of skyscraper), and about 780 buildings beyond 150m(492 ft, another most used threshold to define skyscraper). For supertall skyscrapers, as of February 2019 the United States has 21 supertalls completed, and there are many other supertalls under construction or planned across the nation.

Below is the list of 15 tallest buildings in the United States that have completed or topped out.

The buildings are ranked from the tallest to shortest by standard height or architectural height, which means the height of spire will also be counted but the antenna is not eligible to be counted into the height. For those who prefer the measurement of roof height, skip to the bottom to see the rank by roof height.

As there are many more buildings with similar heights are being built, the content below will get updated time to time, updates occur on an irregular basis, usually when a new skyscraper tops out at its full height or the status changed.
The last updating was done by February 1, 2019, please note the content below is all based on that time.

One World Trade Center

Standard height: 1776 ft / 541m

Floor count: 104

Year built: 2014

Observation Deck: 1266 ft / 386m

Uses: Office, Observation, Restaurant

City: New York City

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in America by standard height or structural height, if judged by roof height, it's only ranked the 3rd, after Willis Tower and 432 Park Ave, and more skyscraper projects ongoing in New York City will surpass it, but its structural height of representative 1776 ft will be the tallest for quite long time as currently still no a proposal for a taller building.

One World Trade Center opened its observation deck in 2015, since then New York City has a total of three building-based observation decks.

Willis Tower

Standard height: 1451 ft / 442m

Floor count: 108

Year built: 1974

Observation Deck: 1352 ft / 412m

Uses: Office, Observation

City: Chicago

The Willis Tower was formerly named Sears Tower, it was the world's tallest building from 1974 to 1998, and the tallest building in the United States from 1974 to 2014. If judged by roof height, it is still the tallest building in America.

432 Park Ave

432 Park Ave
432 Park Ave

Standard height: 1396 ft / 426m

Floor count: 96

Year built: 2016

Uses: Residential

City: New York City

By roof height 432 Park Ave is the tallest building in New York City, it is also the tallest residential building and the thinnest skyscraper building in the world.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

Standard height: 1389 ft / 423m   Floor count: 98

Year built: 2009  Uses: Residential, Hotel  City: Chicago

30 Hudson Yards

Standard height: 1268 ft / 387m   Floor count: 73

Year top out: 2018   Uses: Office, Observation

City: New York City

Also known as North Tower of Hudson Yards, the tower is the tallest building of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project, it has a cantilevered viewing platform near the top.

30 Hudson Yards
30 Hudson Yards

Empire State Building

Standard height: 1250 ft / 381m

Floor count: 103

Year built: 1931

Observation Deck: 320 meters & 369 meters

Uses: Office, Observation, Broadcasting

City: New York City

The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world from 1931 to 1972, and the tallest building in New York since 1931 to 1972 and 2001 to 2013. Although the Empire State Building is no longer the tallest building in the world and had dropped out of the top 30 tallest, it is always the most famous skyscraper for its iconic shape and the fact of that it held the crown of world's tallest building for the longest time.

The observation deck on the 86th floor of the building is the second most visited tourist attraction in New York City, drawing 3.5 million visitors a year, this number is only after the Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.

Bank of America Tower

Standard height: 1200 ft / 366m  Floor count: 55

Year built: 2009  Uses: Office  City: New York City

Aon Center

Standard height: 1136 ft / 346m   Floor count: 83

Year built: 1973  Uses: Office  City: Chicago

Chicago Aon Center
Chicago Aon Center

John Hancock Center

Standard height: 1128 ft / 344m   Floor count: 100

Year built: 1969  Uses: Office, Observation, Residential  City: Chicago

Comcast Innovation & Technology Center

Standard height: 1121 ft / 342m   Floor count: 59

Year built: 2018  Uses: Office, Hotel  City: Philadelphia

Wilshire Grand Tower

Standard height: 1100 ft / 335m

Wilshire Grand Center
Wilshire Grand Center

Floor count: 73

Year built: 2017

Uses: Office, Hotel, Observation

City: Los Angeles

Opened on June 23 2017, Wilshire Grand Tower is the new tallest building of Los Angeles. The tower features a unique top which cannot be found on other highrise buildings in Los Angeles since before this tower all the other highrise buildings were forced to be designed with flat roof. However for the same reason this tower is not a solid supertall, its roof is significantly shorter than US Bank Tower, this can be clearly seen from the Observatory on US Bank Tower.


Salesforce Tower

Standard height: 1070 ft / 326m

Floor count: 60

Year built: 2018

Uses: Office

City: San Francisco

Salesforce Tower is San Francisco's first supertall skyscraper, and it's also the tallest building west of Mississippi in America by roof height.

Three World Trade Center

Standard height: 1073 ft / 327m   Floor count: 80

Year top out: 2017    Year built: 2018

Uses: Office   City: New York City


Standard height & Roof height: 1050 ft / 320m

Floor count: 87   Year top out: 2018

Uses: Residential   City: New York City

Previously called Tower Verre, the name was changed to 53W53, as it's located on 53 West 53rd Street. The tower is also known as the MoMA Expansion Tower.


Chrysler Building

Standard height: 1046 ft / 319m   Floor count: 77

Year built: 1930   Uses: Office   City: New York City

The Chrysler Building is one of the most recognizable landmarks of New York City, it was built in 1930, less than one year before the completion of Empire State Building, it held the crown of world's tallest building for only a few months.

Above are the top 15 tallest buildings in the United States. This page is updated when one or more new building is built to higher than the buildings listed above, and one or more shortest buildings in the list are then moved to the section below.

New York Times Tower

Standard height: 1046 ft / 319m   Floor count: 52

Year built: 2007  Uses: Office  City: New York City

Although this building is regarded as a 1046-foot tall supertall, its roof is only at 745 feet or 227m tall, which makes it not appear like a supertall at all.

Bank of America Plaza

Standard height: 1040 ft / 318m   Floor count: 55

Year built: 1992  Uses: Office  City: Atlanta

US Bank Tower

Aerial view of US Bank Tower

Standard height: 1018 ft / 310m

Floor count: 73

Year built: 1989

Uses: Office, Restaurant, Observation

City: Los Angeles

US Bank Tower held the title of tallest building west of Mississippi in United States for 28 years, until the completion of the Wilshire Grand Tower, which surpassed it by a spire installed on the peak of the building. US Bank Tower is still the tallest building in Los Angeles by roof.

Below is the list of tallest buildings in the United States ranked by roof height:

Name of the Building Roof Height (ft/m) City
Willis Tower 1451/442 Chicago
432 Park Ave 1396/426 New York City
One World Trade Center 1368/417 New York City
30 Hudson Yards 1268/387 New York City
Empire State Building 1250/381 New York City
Trump International Hotel and Tower 1171/356 Chicago
Aon Center 1136/346 Chicago
John Hancock Center 1128/344 Chicago
Three World Trade Center 1073/327 New York City
Salesforce Tower 1070/326 San Francisco
53W53 1050/320 New York City
Comcast Innovation & Technology Center 1030/314 Philadelphia
US Bank Tower 1018/310 Los Angeles
One 57 1005/306 New York City
600 Travis Street 1002/305 Houston
Wells Fargo Plaza 992/302 Houston
Four World Trade Center 977/298 New York City
Comcast Center 974/297 Philadelphia
311 South Wacker 961/293 Chicago
220 Central Park South 952/290 New York City
Bank of America Tower 945/288 New York City
30 Park Place 937/286 New York City
Wilshire Grand Tower 934/285 Los Angeles
Bank of America Plaza 933/284 Atlanta
Columbia Center 932/284 Seattle
Chrysler Building 925/282 New York City
Bank of America Plaza 921/280 Dallas




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