Supertall Skyscrapers in Beijing

Beijing Central Business District

Beijing is the capital city of China, as well as the second largest city among all of the Chinese cities by population, Beijing's skyscrapers are concentrated in Central Business District and Wangjing, only the former has habitable supertall skyscrapers, the tallest one of them is the 330-meter China World Trade Center Tower 3. Central Business District will expand toward to the east as planned, and another district Tongzhou may get its own skyscrapers since a 318 meters building has been proposed.

Completed and Topped out:

1. Central Radio & TV Tower

Total height: 405 meters   Roof height: 260 meters   Built year: 1992

Central Radio & TV Tower has long been the tallest man made structure in Beijing since its completion in 1992, and it's still one of tallest sightseeing towers in the world today.
The structure has two separated observation decks at the heights of 225 meters and 238 meters relatively. The lower one is indoor while the higher one is open to the air. There can be a great place to enjoying the cityscape or taking some pictures, the Forbidden City and even skyscrapers of CBD that is a long distance away can be seen from the observatory when the weather is fine.

Central Radio & TV Tower
Central Radio & TV Tower seen from a park

2. China World Trade Center 3

Stantard height: 330 meters   Roof height: 330 meters   Built year: 2010

The tallest building of Beijing since it surpassed Park Tower in 2008. It is expected that its title of the tallest will be overtaken by the China Zun Tower in August 2016 when it reaches a height over 330 meters.
The Bar named 'Cloud Cool' on 80th floor is an excellent place for enjoying the cityscape.

China World Trade Center 3

3. China World Trade Center 3B

Stantard height: 316 meters   Topped out year: 2016

China World Trade Center 3B stands at 316 meters, almost as tall as 3A tower. It's designed by SOM, a Chicago based firm also designed 3A tower. The appearance of the tower is kind of similar to Taipei 101 tower, as well as the China WTC 3A Tower next to it since the same architects are behind these two buildings, and that gives off a feeling of Twin Towers.

Render of China World Trade Center 3B

Under Construction:

Z15 Tower

Stantard height: 528 meters  Roof height: 524 meters  Estimated top out year: 2017

The project is situated on the CBD's Z15 plot by Guanghua Road.
Also known as CITIC Tower since it partly serves as the headquarters of CITIC, a Chinese cooperation. And the tower is commonly referred to as China Zun, a name originated from its appearance that very similar to Zun, which is a kind of vessel used in religious events in Ancient China.
The building is designed to be the tallest structure of Beijing, with a total of 108 stories, first 60 stories are office space, and 40 stories for hotel above that are boutique apartments.
In addition, it features an observation deck on the top floor at 524 meters.
As of the end of April, 2016, the building has surpassed CCTV Headquarters in height, and may overtake China WTC 3 to become the tallest building of the city in August.

Render of China Zun


1. Z6 Tower

Height: 406 meters

This project shares the same block with China Zun, belonging to the core region of Central Business District. The tower was originally proposed to be 350 meters, and increased to 406 meters since the application for a higher height was approved in 2012.
It will be the second skyscraper above 400-meter mark in Beijing if successfully completed.

It is still unknown when the construction will start on this Tower.


2. Z10 Tower

Height: 368 meters

This Tower was proposed a long time ago and hadn't been declared until site preparation occurred on Z10 Plot of Central Business District core area in the end of 2016.

3. Fan Hai International Center Tower  Height: 338 meters

The Tower will be developed by Fan Hai Group or called Oceanwide Group, the group is now developing a residential complex in Los Angeles, just across Staples Center.

4. Tongzhou Tower  Height: 316 meters

Will likely become the first supertall built outside of Central Business District.


Below are pictures of skyscrapers in Beijing, non-supertalls are also included.

Beijing CCTV Headquarters night
Beijing CCTV Headquarters at night
Beijing CCTV Headquarters
Beijing CCTV Headquarters at daytime
China World Trade Center 3B Tower
China WTC 3B Tower looked up from East 3rd Ring road.
China World Trade Center 3B Tower
China World Trade Center 3B Tower shot from East 3rd Ring road.
China World Trade Center 3B Tower
China World Trade Center 3B Tower looked up from East 3rd Ring Road.
Beijing China World Trade Center Towers
Beijing China World Trade Center Towers
Fortune Finance Center
Fortune Finance Center
Fortune Finance Center
Fortune Finance Center, 265 meters tall
Three tall buildings
Three tall buildings, respectively are China WTC Tower 3B, FFC Tower, Jing Guang Center.
Beijing Park Tower
250 meters Park Tower on the right.
Beijing CBD skyline at night
Beijing CBD skyline at night viewed from an upper floor of Park Tower










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