6 Ways to Travel the World for Free

The world has too many beautiful and interesting places waiting for you to visit, but traveling the world means spending lots of money on accommodation and traffic, most of people think they have to be fixed in their offices to get enough money for their planned trips, which are usually limited in short holidays.

Yes traveling can't be really free, but there are many ways out there that let you get paid while traveling the world, in those ways you can travel as much time as you want instead of only in the small amount of time of holidays.

Below are 6 best ways to travel the world for free and even get paid:

1. start a travel blog

This is the coolest way to help you travel the world for free, you can start a travel blog, and whenever you visited some places, blog about your experience, then your articles of the experience will be found by other internet users, if they find your blog interesting and helpful, they will share it to their friends and follow your blog, when your readers reach a certain amount, you can make good money with your blog.

You can monetize the blog through affiliate marketing, such as recommending your favorite hotels or flights to your readers, you will earn a commission whenever your readers order something that you recommend to them through your blog, so you will make passive income while you are traveling around the world.

If you want to make money from your blog, you shouldn't host your blog on free blogging platforms like "Blogger", you need to host your blog on your own website, this is also what those famous travel bloggers are doing, they all have their own websites, none of them blog on free blogging platforms. And creating a website has become very easy in 2018, you can follow this guide to learn how to create a website.

Just keep in mind that don't simply blog for profit, you need to provide your readers the information they want, and better to recommend good services or products you've ever used.
Another way to monetize your travel blog is to join some advertising network, then the advertisers' ads will be shown on your blog, you get paid when your readers click on the ads, so the more readers you have, the more revenue you will get. It takes time to grow the amount of readers, this method can't immediately let you go travel the world for free, you must first use some of the other ways introduced in this post or go with affiliate marketing.

2. Working on a cruise

Working on cruise is a great way to travel around the world for free, aside from enjoying the view of the sea on the ship, you have the opportunity to get off the ship to explore the city whenever the ship arrives a port.

There are many cruise lines with different routes recruiting people from all over the world. Before applying for the job you can choose a cruise line with the route that goes though the cities you wish to visit.
The disadvantage is that the workers on the cruise are living together, just like in the boarding school, you won't have your own room to stay, however if you are very outgoing and like to live with others or fear of being alone, this could be a benefit for you.

3. Do some temporary agriculture works

One of the biggest expenses for traveling is accommodation, you can find free places to stay by getting a temporary architectural job at some farms near the city you wish to visit, an online network known as WWOOF can help travelers connect with the farm hosts around the world.
WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms, is a hospitality service operated by a worldwide network of organizations, the service provides homestays on organic farms for volunteers who wish to assist the hosts with farm activities. You can easily find homestays on farms at the website of WWOOF.

Volunteers on organic farm can help the hosts with a variety of farming activities, including sowing seed, weeding, harvesting, packing, feeding animals, milking, cheese making, bread baking and some more interesting activities.
Volunteers work only about 5 hours a day, they do not receive money from hosts, but are provided with full day's food and accommodation, with which the budget for traveling could be significantly reduced.

4. Work in hostels

WWOOF only provides free lodging on farms, what if travelers don't want to do architectural works? They can try another similar online network, HelpX, this network not only provides work opportunities and lodging on farms, but also in hostels, some hostels are willing to provide free accommodation and meals for travelers if they wish to work in the hostel for a few days or weeks. Opportunities can be found on HelpX, and many other sites.
These hostels may require travelers who work for them to work in the hostel for a minimum amount of time, so if you want to stay in a city longer, this is a nice choice for you.

5. Stay in the local people's house

This method is known as House sitting, travelers can get free lodging at some local people's houses, if they help the house owner do something. If WWOOF is not suitable for you, this could be a good choice, there are a variety of works that house owners might need you to do for them, such as cleaning the house, watering plants, looking after their children, feeding pets, by doing one or two of these works, you are not only provided with a place to stay, but also free meals and some transportation fees.
House-sitting opportunities can be found online at some website, including Trusted House Sitters, Work Away, Mind My House and many more, the above mentioned HelpX also provides house-sitting opportunities, but house-sitting is not what it focused on.

6. Teach English in non-English-speaking countries

English are getting very popular around the world, in most non-English-speaking countries students are learning English as one of most important subjects in schools. Teaching English aboard is one of the most profitable work for travelers.
Not every country has high demand for foreign English teachers, the country that with highest demand for English teachers is China, the country has a population of nearly 1.4 billion, and in comparison with the countries that speak Latin languages, its official language Mandarin is very different from English, that's why the demand for foreign English teacher is higher.
To explore such a large country requires lots of time and money, as there are too many things to see, teaching English could be the best way to visit more attractions in China.

To teach English in China, you do not need a degree if you don't teach full time, all you need is the TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, which could be attained after taking the TEFL course for about three months. In fact, many high-school graduates choose to teach English in China in their gap year.
You do not need to teach students the way like the local English teachers, the schools generally don't have any special rules about what to teach, there's no textbooks you need to follow, you can teach the way you want, just say anything what you want before students, such as discussing something of your interests, playing some small games with students, or introducing things of your own countries to them.
The best thing is Chinese students' listening for English is generally bad, so don't be shy, you don't have to speak very carefully, anything that spoken out from your mouth will be considered as standard and official English.
The downside is you must teach for at least a semester. So it's better to choose to teach in some regions that have large amount of attractions to see, and with the help of the High-Speed Rail, it has become very convenient to visit some other cities within the distance of 500 kilometers from the city where you teach and live.

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