Fantastic Aerial Photos of Skyscrapers Taken by Drones

Skyscraper are usually something that make people look up, the views of tall buildings seen from the air can be totally different with what seen from street level, and much more impressive.

In the old days, to capture the aerial views of the buildings one must take a chopper or go to an observation deck on skyscrapers.

With the advancement on technology, consumer drones have become the new tool to capture the aerial views, including those of skyscrapers. Below are some fantastic drone pictures of skyscrapers.

Hong Kong International Finance Center Tower Two

Location: Hong Kong

Hong Kong International finance center tower 2 is the second tallest building in Hong Kong. It stands 412 meters.

Guangzhou International Finance Center

Location: Guangzhou

Guangzhou International Finance Center is the second tallest building and third tallest structure in Guangzhou, China, it stands 438 meters.

Shanghai Tower

Location: Shanghai

Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the 2nd tallest in the world. The tower stands 632 meters. Shanghai Tower has observation decks on its upper floors. While exploring the building through a drone is great, to access the observatory in person is another great experience and makes you feel more real.

Canton Tower

Location: Guangzhou

Canton Tower is the tallest structure in Guangzhou, China. It stands 597 meters.

As seen in the picture, the roof of the tower has an observation platform and a sloping observation wheel, which is the tallest in its category.

Marina 101 and Elite Residence

Location: Dubai

Marina 101 is the tallest building in Dubai Marina, the tower stands 427 meters, it will be completed in a few months, by then it will surpass 432 Park Ave in New York by one meter to become the tallest residential building in the world; Elite Residence is another residential tower in Dubai Marina. It stands 381 meters.

The tower seen on the left in the picture is Marina 101 and the right one is Elite Residence.

Transamerica Pyramid

As the Salesforce Tower is yet completed, Transamerica Pyramid is still the official tallest skyscraper in San Franciso, it stands 260 meters.

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