Progress of China Zun Tower by May 1st

China Zun is a skyscraper currently under construction in Beijing, and will finally rise to a height of 528 meters once topped out, with such a height it is set to become the tallest skyscraper and an icon of the city, and will be ranked into the top 10 tallest skyscrapers in the world.

The rate of construction is always unbelievably rapid in China, in general, there will be no more than 1 year before the building topped out once a skyscraper with an average height hits the ground level, for China Zun, which is much taller than those ones, may consume a bit more time.

The tower has surpassed 200 meters mark since the end of March, and as of the beginning of May, the core has surpassed 230 meters, about the same height with the CCTV Headquarters nearby.

The photo below was taken on May 1st, showing the building has started to give off a majestic appearance.

China Zun Tower-taken on 2016.5.1

It can be seen that the tower’s progress is faster than the other two skyscrapers under construction adjacent to it.

China Zun Tower
China Zun Tower-taken on 2016.5.1

A closer look at the site as shown below: The building on the left and ahead of China Zun is Samsung Headquarters in China, will top out at 260 meters.

China Zun Tower
China Zun Tower-taken on 2016.5.1

The one on the right will serve as Continuing Education College of Tsinghua University, it will top out at 231 meters.

These buildings are all situated in the Core Area of Central Business District.

The installation of cladding on the surface was launched back in the end of March.

We can see the current progress of cladding, first 3 floors have been done installed, with forth floor partly done installed.

China Zun Tower-taken on 2016.5.1

China Zun is expected to be topped out in the end of 2016 with current construction rate, which is about one floor or 4 meters increase every 6 days. And the city will see a new tallest building in August when China Zun surpasses China World Trade Center which has been the tallest building of Beijing for 6 years.



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