Tallest buildings proposed to be built in Miami

Aside from New York City and Chicago, Miami is another American city that filled with tons of skyscrapers, in terms of the buildings with heights of above 150 meters, Miami has 43, ranking 3rd in United States in this respect, only after New York and Chicago.
As for supertalls which is the main subject to discuss for this post, though no supertall has been built in the city currently, Miami is not lacking for supertall proposals. As early as in 2007 a two-building complex called Empire World Towers had been proposed for the city, it was designed to be 312 meters or 1022 feet tall, however that project had been cancelled as it cannot be approved, after that also in 2007 another supertall One Bayfront Plaza was proposed, it is the first supertall skyscraper got approved in the city, however the tower still hasn't got built till today, not cancelled as well, it has gone through several changes in design and height. Meanwhile, many other proposals for supertall came out one after the other.

Below is a list of those proposals for supertall skyscrapers to be built in Miami, some buildings among them were not supertalls when they were first proposed, therefore ''proposed year'' listed below are all based on the year when the building bumped into supertall status, not the year when the building was first proposed. Never built skyscrapers like Miapolis are not included in the list.

1. MiamiCentral One

MiamiCentral One render
Render of MiamiCentral One

Standard height: 341 m (1,120 ft)

Proposed year: 2014

Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and Zyscovich Architects

Developer: All Aboard Florida

2. CCCC Miami

Standard height: 326 meters (1069ft)

Proposed year: 2015     Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: Arquitectonica      Developer: American Da Tang Group

CCCC Miami render
Render of CCCC Miami

3. Skyrise Miami

Skyrise Miami
Skyrise Miami

Standard height: 318 meters (1045ft)

Roof height: 318 meters


Proposed year: 2013

Estimated top out year: ∼2018


Architect: Arquitectonica

Developer: Jeff Berkowitz



4. 1201 Brickell Bay Drive

Standard height: 318.2 m (1,044 ft)

Proposed year: 2016     Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: unknown     Developer: Florida East Coast Realty and Tibor Hollo; Corigin Real Estate Group and Frank McCourt

Also known as Villa Magna

5. 300 Biscayne

Standard height: 317 meters (1,041 ft)

Proposed year: 2015    Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: Arquitectonica    Developer: Property Markets Group

Miami 300 Biscayne
300 Biscayne







6. One Brickell City Center

Miami One Brickell City Center
One Brickell City Center

Standard height: 317 meters (1,040 ft)

Roof height: 317 m


Proposed year: 2013

Estimated top out year: unknown


Architect: Arquitectonica

Developer: Swire Properties







7. One Bayfront Plaza

Miami One Bayfront Plaza
The latest design of One Bayfront Plaza

Standard height: 306 meters (1,005 ft)


Proposed year: 2006

Estimated top out year: ∼2019


Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Developer: Florida East Coast Realty




8. Sky Plaza West Tower

Standard height: 305 meters (1001ft)

Proposed year: 2015    Estimated top out year: unknown

Architect: unknown    Developer: Flagler 251 Inc.

As shown above, the amount of these proposals even surpass Chicago and some Chinese cities, reaching 8 as of now, it is very rare for a American city except of New York City. However the problem is, that none of these supertall towers has ever get into real construction phase, at most preparation, let alone to be built, the city's first supertall approved known as One Bayfront Plaza was proposed 10 years ago, the construction seems still unlikely to get started in a short time, but now that it has been on site preparation, seems things are getting better, let's wait for more progress.
One of the major factors of this problem is the provisions made by FAA. Given that the location of Miami International Airport being too close to the downtown, plus the majority of flight paths of the city are direct above the downtown area, FAA makes the height limit for Miami more strict than other cities, while in some cases a height of 2000-foot is fine, such as Chicago Spire in Chicago, where both airport and flight paths are further away from downtown.

FAA is not the biggest obstruction of the development of supertall skyscrapers in Miami though, since they have approved several buildings to surpass 1000-foot mark with the highest being 1120 ft, FAA simply makes it harder for the supertalls in Miami go higher. In 2010 there once was a 3200 ft megatall called Miapolis announced to be built in Miami, the announcement took place in a time just a few months after the completion of Burj Khalifa, for the developer's aim is to defeat the record made by Burj Khalifa. The project ended up as a vision, for the proposed height is far more than the limit. Now then we know how difficult to build a megatall in Miami it is. But in fact this is not the problem, without a megatall a city still can be identified as concrete jungle as it is the number of the supertalls plays the dominant role not the height of a single megatall, that's why more skyscraper fans favor New York over Shanghai, where is home to Shanghai Tower.
The biggest problem of Miami's supertalls is funding, same as what the tons of tall building projects around the world are facing, it is still the greatest obstruction for the development of skyscrapers in many cities. The majority of the skyscrapers in Miami are built in a construction boom ended in 2008 because of Financial Crisis, now as the affection gradually faded away, I believe these buildings will be built soon.

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