Tallest Buildings in Guangzhou over 300m

While most Chinese cities having their numerous skyscrapers built in last five or ten years, Guangzhou is one of a few exceptions in China that had had lots of skyscrapers a long time ago, the city had already witnessed skyscraper construction booms as early as 1990s, when the majority of Chinese cities had no skyscrapers at all. And even to nowadays, many new skyscraper projects are ongoing in the city. In 2016, Chow Tai Fook Center was completed, with a height of 530 meters, it became the tallest building in Guangzhou bypassing IFC Tower for that title, and ranks 8th in the world in height. If not considering habitability, the 597 meters Canton Tower is the city's tallest supertall with a height of 596 to its tip, it was once the tallest telecom tower of the world and now ranks 2nd, only after Tokyo Sky Tree.

Guangzhou skyline viewed from the top of Canton Tower

As of 2016, there are about 30 skyscrapers built or being built that exceeding 200 meters in Guangzhou, among them 11 are supertall skyscrapers (including 1 sightseeing tower), making Guangzhou currently ranks first in the whole Greater China Region in terms of amount of completed supertall skyscrapers, even Shenzhen is after it at present.
The first supertall built in the city is CITIC Plaza, it was built in 1997, and standing 391 meters tall, it was once the tallest building of China and world's tallest concrete building, now it remain the 10th tallest completed building in the country as of 2016.

Completed and Topped out:

1. Canton Tower

Canton Tower
Canton Tower

Standard height: 596 meters

Roof height: 454 meters

Observation deck: 488 meters

Built year: 2010

Canton Tower was 610 meters tall upon its completion, this height didn't last long, the tower faced a series of flight issues soon after completion, then the peak of the spire got removed making the height of the tower decreased to 596 meters. The tower features world‘s highest outdoor observation deck, at a height of 488 meters, with such a height it is also higher than almost every indoor observation decks in the world, only second of At The Top of Burj Khalifa.

2. Chow Tai Fook Centre

Chow Tai Fook Center
Chow Tai Fook Center

Standard height: 530 meters

Roof height: 530 meters

Built year: 2016

Chow Tai Fook Center is the tallest building in Guangzhou, also known as East Tower, while International Finance Center named West Tower. This special name is due of the original design in which these two buildings were set to be built as twin towers, however in the later the Chow Tai Fook Center got a redesign.




3. Guangzhou International Finance Center

IFC Tower
Guangzhou International Finance Center at night

Standard height: 439 meters

Total height: 442 meters

Roof height: 439 meters

Built year: 2010

Guangzhou International Finance Center also named West Tower, it was the tallest building in Guangzhou before the completion of Chow Tai Fook Center.

4. CITIC Plaza

Standard height: 391 meters

Roof height: 321 meters

Built year: 1997

Built in 1997, CITIC Plaza had been honored as tallest building of Guangzhou for 11 years until being surpassed by IFC Tower in 2008.

CITIC Plaza is seen as the landmark of the city, even the new landmark the Canton Tower is built standing directly across from CITIC Plaza at a distance, making them echo each other, while East Tower and West Tower are positioned on either side of the line connecting Canton Tower and CITIC Plaza.


5. The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle
The Pinnacle

Standard height: 391 meters

Roof height: 312 meters

Built year: 2012

6. Global City Square

Standard height: 319 meters    Built year: 2015

7. Pearl River Tower

Standard height: 310 meters   Roof height: 310 meters   Built year: 2012

Pearl River Tower Guangzhou
To the left is Pearl River Tower and another one right to it is above mentioned The Pinnacle

8. Fortune Center

Standard height: 309 meters    Built year: 2015

Guangzhou Fortune Center
Fortune Center

9. Pazhou Poly Project

Standard height: 309 meters   Roof height: 309 meters

Estimated built year: 2017

Pazhou Poly Project
Pazhou Poly Project, the tallest one under construction in the picture.

10. GF Securities Headquarters

Standard height: 308 meters   Roof height: 308 meters

Built year: 2016

GF Securities Headquarters
Render of GF Securities Headquarters


11.Leatop Plaza

Standard height:303 meters

Guangzhou Leatop Plaza
Leatop Plaza

Roof height:303 meters

Built year:2012

Under Construction:

Huijin Center

Height: 320 meters  Estimated built year: 2019


Apart from the built supertalls and ongoing supertall projects, Guangzhou also has many proposed projects. Some proposals are considered more like a vision are not included, so the proposals listed below are incomplete, but are more serious and more likely to be built.

International Financial City 1  Above 500 meters

Baietan Diamond Tower Above 500 meters

Baietan Gold Tower 400 meters

South Station Development 359 meters

Guangsheng Digital Industry Headquarters 320 meters

San Cheng Finance Centre 300 meters

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