Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Toronto

Toronto is well known for its fast growing number of skyscrapers. The amount of skyscrapers that stand more than 200 meters in the city is quickly getting closer to that of Chicago, if the latter is surpassed by it, then Toronto will become the second city in North America in terms of the amount of skyscrapers.

Here list the top 10 tallest skyscraper buildings in Toronto that have completed or topped out.

This post will not discuss about the proposed supertall skyscrapers, there's another post dedicated to the supertalls in Toronto.

1. First Canadian Place

Standard height & Roof height: 298 meters (978 feet)

Total height: 355 meters (1165 feet)

Floors count: 72

Uses: Office

Year built: 1975

Architect: Edward Durell Stone & Associates

Developer: Olympia & York

First Canadian Place is Canada's tallest building, it stands 298 meters, only 2 meters shy of the threshold of supertall. But if the antennas are count into the height, the building reaches 355 meters in total, the antennas are being used by FM stations for broadcasting.
nd serves as the global operational headquarters of the Bank of Montreal.
The largest anchored tenant of the building is the Bank of Montreal(BOM), which is Canada's first bank, hence the building is called First Canadian Place, the signs read BOM are installed on the peak of the building.

2. The Adelaide Toronto

Standard height & Total height: 277 meters (908 feet)

Roof height: 237 meters (776 feet)

Floors count: 57 floors

Uses: Hotels, Residential

Year built: 2012

Architect: Zeidler Roberts Partnership

Developer: Talon International Development

Before 2017, the tower had been known as Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto,
but like many other buildings named Trump Tower, this building is actually not owned by Donald Trump, it was only licensed the name of Trump for the brand, the name was abandoned in 2016 as too many people protest against the businessman. The current name is not official and is taken from the name of the street which it sits by and just a transitional name, the tower will likely be renamed to St Regis Toronto in the future.
The Adelaide Toronto is a mixed-use building, the bottom half part is occupied by a hotel that is now managed by Marriott and the upper half part are used as residences.

3. Scotia Plaza

Standard height & Roof height: 275 meters (902 feet)

Floors count: 68    Uses: Office    Year built: 1988

Architect: Webb Zerafa Menkes Housden Arthitects    Developer: Campeau Corporation

Scotia Plaza is the 3rd tallest building in Toronto and Canada, Scotia Bank is the largest tenant of the building, occupying about 20 floors of the office floors of the building, the base portion of the building is occupied by retail stores, and the basement of the building houses the Scotia Bank's vault.

4. Aura

Standard height & Roof height: 272 meters (892 feet)

Floors count: 79

Uses: Residential

Year built: 2014

Architect: Graziani + Corazza Architects

Developer: Canderel Stoneridge

Built in 2014, Aura is one of the newest additions to the skyline of Toronto. Unlike most other skyscrapers that are gathered in the Financial District, this building sits on the north Yonge Street, about 0.7 Mile north of the cluster of skyscrapers in Financial District.
Aura is the tallest residential building in Canada and 25th tallest residential building in the world as of 2017.

5. TD Canada Trust Tower

Standard height & Total height: 261 meters (856 feet)

Roof height: 227 meters (745 feet)

Floors count: 53

Uses: Office

Year built: 1990

Architect: Bregman + Hamann Architects; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Developer: Brookfield Properties

TD Canada Trust Tower is a office building of an office complex named Brookfield Place. The tower is one of the most recognizable building in Toronto with its distinctive pinnacle.
The sign read TD is installed at the peak of the building as Toronto-Dominion Bank is the largest anchored tenant of the building.

6. One Bloor

Standard height & Roof height: 257 meters (843 feet)

Floors count: 75

Uses: Residential

Year built: 2017

Architect: Hariri Pontarini Architects

Developer: Great Gulf Homes

One Bloor is the second tallest residential building in Toronto, only after Aura. And like Aura it is also located far away from the skyscraper cluster in Financial District, even further than Aura while both buildings situated on Yonge Street, that area is becoming a new cluster of skyscrapers, a proposed supertall named The One is also located near the area.
The name of the building is taken from its address, which is 1 Bloor Street East.

7. Commerce Court West Tower

Standard height & Roof height: 239 meters(784 feet)

Total height: 287meters (942 feet) Floors count: 57

Uses: Office Year built: 1973

Architect: I.M. Pei & Partners Developer: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

The building is the tallest building of the Commerce Court Complex, which comprised of 4 tower blocks, two of them are highrise buildings, including this tower and a 476 ft tower built in 1931.
The west tower was the tallest building in Canada from since its completion in 1972 to 1975 when surpassed by the First Canadian Place.
The largest anchor tenant of the tower is Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CIBC), which developed the complex and owned the tower before 2000, and the signs of CIBC are installed on the uppermost part of the tower.

8. Harbour Plaza Residences East

Standard height & Roof height: 233 meters(764 feet)

Floors count: 66

Uses: Residential    Year built: 2017

Architect: architectsAlliance    Developer: Menkes Developments

The building is 8th tallest building in Toronto, and 12 tallest building in Canada.

9. ICE East

Standard height & Roof height: 234 meters(768 feet)

Floors count: 67

Uses: Residential

Year built: 2015

Architect: architectsAlliance

Developer: Cadillac Fairview Corporation

ICE East is one of two residential towers of a building complex called ICE Condominiums at York Center, the east tower is taller and stands 234 m, the tower contains more than 700 residential units.
The towers are designed by architectsAlliance, this firm also designed or is designing many other skyscraper projects in Toronto, some of them are supertalls, including YSL Residences, which will become the tallest building in Toronto.

10. Harbour Plaza Residences West

Standard height & Roof height: 228 meter(748 feet)

Floors count: 63    Uses: Residential   Year built: 2017

Architect: architectsAlliance    Developer: Menkes Developments

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